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Home Knowledge Center World slimmest 10" Intel Atom Touch Panel PC

Product Announcements

World slimmest 10" Intel Atom Touch Panel PC

This Computer is no longer in Teguar's product catalog, but the features below still hold true of many of our other slim panel PCs. Check out our Industrial Panel PCs catalog.

TEGUAR is renowned for its fanless, ultra slim thermal design in the industrial control industry. The high quality and reliability of its Panel PC series products has also established a sound reputation in the industry. Many engineers have chosen TEGUAR industrial computers for their industrial applications because they like the space-saving design and do not have to worry about heat dissipation problems.

Conventionally, industrial design uses mini-ITX or 3.5” standard demo boards for designs to save costs. In the long term, this leads to quality and reliability problems. However, the design of the TEGUAR industrial PC is different than that of the other manufacturers. In the integrated board, we had adopted industrial grade components and materials; in addition to overall shock resistance, upper cover dust proof and side water proof designs, the product is stringently tested under different environments to demonstrate the dedication and development that was invested to ensure 7/24/365 no-stop high operation.

Furthermore, the fanless design, something that TEGUAR is proud of, is taken to the next level in this great Intel Atom panel pc; under the airflow environment, the operating temperature can be controlled within 0~50°C. In order to save space this touch computer is 2cm slimmer than the same class of products from other manufacturers (the thickness of the other brand is 6.xxcm, while ours is 4.85cm, which is 30% thinner compared to previous designs, roughly 2cm in difference). Together with research and development in noise control, we had pushed the envelope of performance in terms of industrial design application, as well as increased the depth and scope of applications.

The design concepts of the TLP-7822-10 are:

1.  Exclusive main board design

In order to design the most ideal layout and component placement we conduct thermal flow simulations on all active components that generate heat such as the CPU, DRAM, NB and HDD etc. Comprehensive improvements are made over the disadvantages of the demo board design.

2.  Fanless design

Based on the years of expertise and experience in industrial design applications, a good fanless design is synonymous with quality; it is also the objective of extending product life in industrial application designs. In addition to the consideration of heat dissipation, the limited space is also the most challenging problem for industrial control application designs. The fanless panel PC design solves the problem of space.

3.  Consideration of high reliable design

The board integrated into TLP-7822-10 is an industrial grade design, which greatly enhances the product’s reliability, especially in terms of thermal design; it can attain 7/24/365 non-stop high performance.

4.  Design concept of economy and compactness in high-tech products

The ultra slim body design has the advantage of having more applications that are easy to install, thereby ensuring optimal performance in industrial design applications.

5.  Customized service and the ability for long-term product supply

The main board, BIOS, driver and structure are all designed from scratch, therefore we can satisfy all unique requirements of our clients. Moreover, we are able to provide long-term and stable product supplies.