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Home Knowledge Center What is the Intel Embedded Roadmap?

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What is the Intel Embedded Roadmap?

Originally posted on May 12, 2016

Updated Feb. 3, 2022

While a constantly changing technological landscape might be applauded by techies and retail box stores, it is a nightmare for industrial OEM integrators and R&D engineers. At the rate that computing technology has evolved over the past few decades, industry professionals have been forced to keep up with a computing environment that is constantly and rapidly becoming outdated and/or unsupported.

Technician using an industrial computer to operate manufacturing equipmentThis made it difficult to maintain a uniform computing environment, which would in-turn cut down complexity and speed productivity of operations…not to mention the savings in both cost and time of constantly trying to hit a moving target.

To solve this issue for its customers, Intel instituted the Embedded Roadmap to outline current and upcoming supported Intel embedded chipsets. This provides system integrators and manufacturers with greater peace of mind and allows them to better plan for the future.

OEM/ODM Manufacturing Solutions You Can Trust

Since its inception, Teguar Computers has been a strong supporter of the Intel Embedded Roadmap. All Teguar products utilize Intel Embedded Roadmap chipsets to ensure maximum usability and convenience for our customers. Whether you are integrating a Teguar touchscreen panel pc into your new OEM design or outfitting your production line with Teguar fanless all-in-one touchscreen computers, you can rest easy knowing you’re using the latest supported chipsets.