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Home Knowledge Center Touch Screen Computers Replacing Hospital TV's

Product Announcements

Touch Screen Computers Replacing Hospital TV's

Charlotte, NC - Teguar Computers combines patient entertainment and medical computer uses on one platform with the TME-2240-19 Infotainment Terminal. Their new medical computer is setting the future standard for bedside terminals in healthcare environments by replacing the old obtrusive TV screens with medically certified touch screen computers for uses such as video calls, meal ordering, nurse station communication, interactive medical education, and favorite movie time viewing.

Teguar’s medical computer TME-2240-19 Infotainment Terminal is medically EN60101-1 certified and made with advanced anti-bacterial materials. Its Intel Celeron 1047UE 2M Cache 1.4GHz processor is designed to work with fast moving applications and software. The projected capacitive crisp and bright 18.5” screen combined with HD graphics provides users with a considerable interactive display. Communication in hospitals is a priority both between patients, friends, family and health care professionals. The VOIP phone with handset and cradle, a webcam and built in speakers have every area covered. Ensuring quiet when needed is important as well. As a fully fanless computer, the TME-2240-19 operates silently enabling patients to sleep soundly right next to it. Doctors, nurses and health care professionals understand that a happy patient is a good patient. Bedside Terminals need to be used for more than information or entertainment alone as multiple screens and devices are costly and cumbersome. Patients have become accustom to their personal devices which can be unsanitary and not safe with sensitive medical electronic equipment. The solution provided is to give patients beside medical computers which can be used in a way that is gratifying and comforting for them so that they may even forget they are in a hospital for a moment. 

“I find that everything I can do to make patients content in their environment is helpful to the healing process as well as to getting my job done,” said Coleen Coney, registered nurse. She went on to say “Patient education is essential to patient wellness and having a medical computer screen with patient interactive software on it would be ideal.”

The TM-2240-19 Infotainment Terminal is now available. For more information please contact Teguar sales team at Sales@teguar.com call 1 800 970 7715 or visit www.teguar.com.