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Home Knowledge Center Teguar Strikes Gold: Becoming an Intel® Gold Partner


Teguar Strikes Gold: Becoming an Intel® Gold Partner

Gold Intel Partner Banner

In the hardware industry, forming strategic alliances like becoming an Intel® Partner, is crucial. These alliances lead to long-term stability and a better customer experience for all involved. Thus, Teguar is always seeking to create these friendships. Both sides must see benefit in a partnership in order for one to work, so they must be picked strategically.

Intel is one of the top technology companies in the world, and the majority of Teguar products use Intel processors. Pursuing a relationship with Intel therefore made a lot of strategic sense for both companies.

So, after quite a lot of work and research, Teguar and Intel finally have something to show for their efforts.

Intel Partner Gold Badge

Teguar is proud to announce its status as a Gold Level Intel® Partner

What did it take?

In order to achieve the honor of becoming a Gold Intel Partner companies must meet a few requirements first.

  1. Potential partners must complete over 50 hours of training on Intel's Partner University. This in turn makes sure that companies who do qualify meet a high standard of technical knowledge.
  2. A large revenue requirement is in place to ensure that a qualified partner has a proven process to support customers' needs. This also makes sure partners are agile enough to adapt to the fast-paced change of the industry.

This means that not just anyone can achieve Gold. That is why this accomplishment is proof of Teguar’s place as a trusted provider of high-quality hardware solutions.

"Teguar is excited to foster more industry relationships that improve customer experience and provide access to greater resources." 

- Alex Daskalow, President, Teguar

Why Should I Care?

Image of Intel Core

Teguar's Intel Partner Status enables an even higher standard of customer service. Having a good relationship with the industry leader ensures that Teguar units continue to feature the most cutting-edge processors on the market.

Access to this "insider data" allows Teguar to better position itself for changes in the market, and in return Intel® gets a better view of its own customer base.

Following this line of thought, Teguar products are now featured on Intel's® website. This helps the visibility of both partners' products increase. An increase in product visibility is an increase in sales.

For Teguar's customers, this new friendship with Intel pushes Teguar to do more. This includes offering better products, and upping customer support and quality.

A quick accounting of benefits:

  • Within 24-hour customer support for Intel® products
  • Access to insider knowledge
  • Easier access to Teguar products
  • Faster integration of cutting-edge processors

Looking Ahead

As Teguar continues to grow, partnerships like this one will become more and more important to continued success. Look for more announcements like this one as Teguar continues to root itself as a leader in the hardware space.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about Teguar's cutting edge Intel Enabled products, please fill out the form below, email sales@teguar.com, or give us a call at +1 800 870 7715.

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