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Home Solutions Deployed

Teguar has deployed customized computer solutions in industries including healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality and military. We have worked with clients around the world to design unique computer hardware for new applications. Many of these applications are confidential, such as new ways of diagnosing cancer, going to greater depths in submarines and emerging AI technology interfaces. Below are few applications we can share.

Waterproof Computer with Cable Gland

Employees operating machinery in a clean room
The Challenge

In 2019, Teguar received a request from a food manufacturer for a waterproof computer with standard I/O ports. They wanted to be able to connect their peripherals to the computer via standard cables. The computers would be installed in a wash-down area, so the I/O connections needed to be sealed. Teguar’s standard waterproof computers come with special cables that create a waterproof seal around the I/O ports via an M12 screw type connectors. The other end of the cable is not waterproof. So, customers either run the cables to another room or install a junction box, where the non-waterproof connections are protected. This customer did not want to run long cables across their facility and did not want to install a junction box.

Disassembled Teguar cable gland computer
The Process

Teguar began designing. The idea was to put a sort of junction box on the back of the computer; we called this the cable gland. The cable gland consists of 5 plastic grommets that fit around a cable perfectly to create a waterproof seal. To account for different cable circumferences, we created several different sizes of grommets, to fit any cable. The first prototype was boxy and thick, so Teguar’s mechanical design team worked to reduce the overall depth of the unit and also angled the edges, to give it a more compact, sleek look.

Industrial computer used to operate machinery in a cleanroom
The Solution

The result was a fully waterproof computer, with standard I/O connectors and cables, or what is known as waterproof cable gland computers. The client was happy with the solution and has installed 8 units on their food production line. The solution worked so well that Teguar quickly started offering it to other clients and then added it to our product portfolio. Teguar now carries the cable gland computer in 3 different screen sizes and 2 different processor types.

Outdoor Interactive Gaming Kiosk

Woman winds up to drive a golf ball at the driving range
The Challenge

A sports gaming company needed a durable, touchscreen kiosk in each drive bay of their golf complex. The kiosks would be used to select game mode, input player info, make payments and more. One of the greatest challenges of the project was that the computers would be outdoors. Even though the kiosks would be under an awning, wind can blow in rain, the sun can glare off the touchscreens, and the computers are exposed to hot and cold temperatures. As with any public kiosks, the computers needed to be built for frequent use by people who would be not-so-gentle with the computer. This requires a durable, shatterproof touchscreen and a rugged enclosure that wouldn’t crack or break apart. The client also needed a barcode scanner and credit card reader to integrate seamlessly with the customer experience.

Golf kiosk computer front, back, and inputs
The Process

Teguar had one product that almost fit the project specs, the TWR-2920-15 Waterproof All-in-One PC. Teguar’s product engineering team started with that product and began exploring customization options for this client.

Rugged kiosk tablet used at a driving range
The Solution

In the end, there were many customizations for this project, including: eliminating unneeded IOs, to reduce overall cost; combining PoE and USB into a single cable solution; adding a 2D barcode scanner; building a customized I/O cover and mounting solution; increasing LCD screen brightness and adding optical bonding; and customizing an Android OS with a boot logo, system lock down features, and preinstalled applications, to reduce the time to go live. The client deployed their customized computer system throughout their first facility. Over the next two years, the company expanded to 4 locations and installed Teguar kiosks in each complex.

Other Solutions

  • Tablets with dual purpose USB-C connector for charging and data retrieval in one easy step
  • Panel PCs with multiple storage bays for easier data management
  • Bezels with custom logo engraved for increased branding in public spaces
  • Modified Pcap touch firmware for use in salt water environment
  • Custom expansion bays in Medical AIO for multiple video stream capture and processing
  • More robust heating and cooling solutions for extended temperature range operation of outdoor computers
  • Thicker touch screen glass for Vandal resistant panel PCs used high traffic public places
  • Additional mounting holes in AIO enclosure for easier mounting of customer accessories
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