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Home Knowledge Center "Small, Handy and Very Rugged Android Tablet" New Review of Teguar's TRT-Q5393-07


"Small, Handy and Very Rugged Android Tablet" New Review of Teguar's TRT-Q5393-07

Teguar's newest (and smallest) rugged tablet has been getting a lot of attention lately, but the newest spotlight on our nigh-indestructible tablet comes from our friends over at RuggedPCReview.com. Click the image below to read RuggedPCReview editor Conrad H. Blickenstorfer's review of the TRT-Q5393-07, or keep scrolling for a brief summary.

RuggedPCReview of Teguar's TRT-Q5393-07 Rugged Tablet
Click to read RuggedPCReview's full review of the TRT-Q5393-07 Rugged Tablet

Review Summary

Conrad calls the Teguar TRT-Q5393-07 a "Small, handy and very rugged Android tablet for logistics, fleet management, field service applications and plenty more." Conrad also notes that this tablet is "rugged and ready to go to work" as compared to similar mobile devices with 7" screens. Conrad also notes several times that the TRT-Q5393-07 is exceptionally rugged, thanks to the removable bumpers that protect the tablet's corner edges.

One aspect of this tablet that is highlighted is its screen visibility outdoors. While we've rated the TRT-Q5393-07's screen at 600 nits, RuggedPCReview conducted their own test and actually clocked our screens at 700 nits. Maybe we were being a bit too modest with our own assessment!

In staying consistent with their typical review regimen, RuggedPCReview has also taken several high quality images of the TRT-Q5393-07 in the field (some quite literally), which includes what the tablet looks like on the inside.

The review also goes on to address performance ("quite respectable") and ruggedness ("impressive"). There's also a nice rundown on the capabilities of the TRT-Q5393-07's two 8MP cameras, including some pictures Conrad took using the tablet's cameras.

Teguar would like to thank Conrad and his team at RuggedPCReview once again for a fair and thorough review of our TRT-Q5393-07 rugged tablet. If you would like to read more Teguar product reviews feel free to browse through them here.

About the Authors:

Matt Nadolny is the Marketing Manager for Teguar Computers. Though he has always had an interest in technology, joining the team in 2020 marked the beginning of his pursuit to understand more about the industrial and medical hardware offered at Teguar, which he now researches and writes about with the help of Teguar's Product Management and Sales teams. Outside of Teguar-related topics like the one above, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, playing games, making music, and getting lost down Internet rabbit holes of niche information.