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Home Ruggedized Tablets | TRT-3493 Series

Ruggedized Tablets | TRT-3493 Series

rugged tablet-teguar-trt-3493

About the Series

The TRT-3493-12 Ruggedized tablet has the ability to be mounted or stored virtually anywhere, thanks to a variety of docking solutions offered. When it’s time to take the TRT-3493-12 into the field, users can use the back hand strap or a shoulder strap, both of which come included with the tablet. With all this mobility, it is important to note that this tablet has a Gorilla Glass screen and a drop rating of 4ft at any angle. It also has an IP65 rated enclosure to protect the tablet from dust and other particles. A hot-swappable battery comes included with the tablet, making it easy to switch batteries in seconds.

Key Series Features

  • Gorilla Glass screen with a 4ft drop rating
  • Intel Apollo Lake Quad-Core CPU
  • Includes 1x Hot-Swappable Battery
  • NFC reader for RFID
  • 1x hand strap, 1x shoulder strap
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Series Features

Accessories for all Environments

The TRT-3493-12 has the ability to be mounted with the vehicle dock and the desktop dock accessories. Both docks include similar outputs: USB 3.0, HDMI 1.3, Giga LAN, a PoweredUSB 24V, and more. The vehicle dock is ideal for stationing your tablet for any mobile application, such as a vehicle or an IV pole. The desktop dock is great for drop and go charging or consolidating a desktop PC and expanding the display onto a larger monitor. The Desktop dock also has 1x battery charging bay and comes default with an additional battery.

Dual Bay Battery Charger

Another accessory offered for this tablet is the 2-Bay Battery Charger. This charger is capable of charging two batteries at once with the double bay design. An additional 2570mAh lithium-ion battery comes included. The power adapter included with the TRT-3493-12 is compatible with this accessory.

teguar-accesory grid
Multiple Straps Help with Mobility

The TRT-3493-12 is ideal for on-the-go usage. A detachable hand strap is located on the back of the unit, with easy Velcro straps and a comfort cushion grip. Also included is a shoulder strap to be able to securely carry the tablet out into the field. Both straps have easy installation with directions included in the user manual. Ergonomic ridges are located on the side of the tablet for easy grip.

Scan-in Users with NFC Scanner System

This tablet also includes a Near Field Communication (NFC) reader conveniently located and marked on the rear corner allowing users to read HF tags at various angles depending on the tag size. The TRT-3493-12 uses NFC Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for the user to log into applications or just scan critical inventory.

rugged tablet-handstrap-trt-3493
Swappable Batteries Encourage 24/7 Operation

Included on the back of the TRT-3493-12 is a hot swappable battery that can be easily switched out with just a push of a button. The battery simply locks into place and can be swapped within seconds. Should the battery ever get low, it is an easy switch that doesn’t require you to power down your tablet and disrupt applications making for an efficient workflow.

Function Buttons on Front Bezel

Three programmable function buttons are located on the front bezel for easy navigation. Although the default options are rotation lock, power key, and Windows home key, these can be customized. In addition to the front function buttons, the TRT-3493-12 has additional buttons for power and volume adjustment at the top.

rugged tablet-battery-trt-3493

Products in this Series

Model TRT-3493-12

12" Ruggedized Tablet

  • Intel Apollo Lake Quad-Core CPU
  • NFC reader for RFID
  • Weighs less than 2lbs (.9kg), the lightest rugged tablet in its class
Model 6213-93

Desktop Docking Station for TRT-3493-12

  • 8x inputs and outputs, including three standard USB (2x 2.0, 1x 3.0), HDMI 1.3, COM, Giga LAN & more
  • PoweredUSB 24V input allows for higher-power devices powered through their USB host
  • Battery charging slot on back charges extra TRT-3493-12 hot swappable battery
Model 6214-93

Vehicle Dock for TRT-3493-12

  • 6x inputs and outputs, including USB 3.0, HDMI 1.3, Giga LAN and more
  • PoweredUSB 24V input allows for higher-power devices powered through their USB host
  • 1x 24V 180W power adapter included

Series Reviews