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Home Knowledge Center Revolutionizing Healthcare with Teguar's TMB-7115 Medical AI Computer Series

Product Announcements

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Teguar's TMB-7115 Medical AI Computer Series

Medical AI Computer TMB-7115 Front and Back

Introducing the Medical AI Computer Series! The TMB-7115 is not just another computer; it is a specialized machine built to meet the rigorous demands of modern medical applications. Its compact design makes it perfect for settings where space is a premium, yet it does not compromise on performance. Let's explore what sets this medical unit apart. 

Medically Compliant for Your Peace of Mind

One of the standout features of the TMB-7115 is its compliance with the 60601-1 medical standards. These standards are crucial for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medical electrical equipment. By adhering to these guidelines, Teguar ensures that the TMB-7115 is not only reliable but also safe for use in various medical settings. 

Harnessing the Power of Nvidia Support

High-Performance Computing 

The TMB-7115 is powered by Nvidia, a name synonymous with high-performance computing. This support elevates the machine's capabilities, making it suitable for demanding medical applications like real-time data processing, medical imaging, and AI-driven diagnostics. 

AI and Machine Learning 

Incorporating Nvidia support means that the TMB-7115 can handle complex AI algorithms and machine learning tasks. This capability is essential for modern healthcare applications that rely on predictive analytics and personalized medicine. 

Flexibility with Multiple Expansion Cards


Another key feature of the TMB-7115 is its room for multiple expansion cards. This flexibility is invaluable for medical facilities that require customized solutions. Whether it's additional storage, enhanced graphics capabilities, or specialized medical interfaces, the TMB-7115 can be tailored to meet specific needs. 

TMB-7115 Medical AI Computer Back


The ability to add multiple expansion cards means that the TMB-7115 can adapt to a wide range of medical applications. From radiology to patient monitoring systems, this embedded PC can handle it all, making it a versatile addition to any medical facility. 


Customization is critical in healthcare, where different departments have unique requirements. The TMB-7115's expandable architecture allows for configurations, ensuring that each department gets exactly what it needs without compromising on performance. 

Test out a TMB-7115 Today!

The TMB-7115 Medical AI Computer Series by Teguar is a groundbreaking addition to medical technology. Its combination of compliance with medical standards, Nvidia support, and flexibility for expansion cards makes it an ideal choice for a variety of AI applications in healthcare.  

Ready to transform your medical facility with cutting-edge technology? Discover the future of medical computing with the TMB-7115 today. 

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