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Home Mobile Medical Computer | TM-5510 Series

Mobile Medical Computer | TM-5510 Series

About the Series

The TM-5510 Series is built for use with medical workstations on wheels. This series is available in screen sizes of 21.5" and 23.8" and these medical computers feature three hot-swappable batteries, which enable users with endless operation. These computers run on an Intel Kabylake CPU and are 60601-1 4th Edition Certified. They also have easy-clean, anti-bacterial housing, to prevent bacteria growth, and have IP65 rated front bezels that can resist harsh cleaning chemicals.

Key Series Features

  • 21.5" or 23.8" HD PCAP Touchscreen
  • 7th Gen Intel Core i3/i5/i7 or Celeron Processor
  • 3x Hot-Swappable Batteries for 24/7 operation
  • 60601-1 4th Edition Medically Certified
  • Anti-bacterial Housing
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Series Features

Three Hot-Swappable Batteries

Power cords limit your mobility and get in the way of patient care, but battery-powered medical carts are expensive, heavy and require frequent maintenance. The TM-5510 Series is the perfect solution to these problems. Three hot-swappable batteries allow for 24/7 use of these PCs, without ever attaching to a wall. Hot-swappable means the batteries can be swapped without shutting down your PC and losing important time or patient data.

Power Peripheral Devices

Not only can the hot-swappable batteries power the PC, but they can power peripheral devices from the PC as well. Barcode scanners, printers, card readers and more can be plugged into and powered by this medical computer, eliminating the need for costly and heavy batteries at the base of medical cart on wheels (COW) and workstation on wheels (WOW).

Medical cart computer and three hot swappable batteries
IP65 Waterproof HD Display

The 21.5” or 23.8" projected capacitive HD touchscreen has an IP65 waterproof rating. Designed to be regularly wiped down and sanitized, these healthcare computers include a screen lock button, so the screen can be cleaned while the unit is running.

Latest Medical Certification

The TM-5510 Series meets the latest 60601-1 4th Edition certification which incorporates 8KV and 15KV protection. Additionally, the PCIe slot has an Isolated I/O option so the device will not interfere with other electronic equipment or allow interference from other electrical equipment to transfer to the devices or patient.

TM-5510 medical computer touchscreen cleaning
Powerful Fanless Processing

The fanless heatsink cooling system protects internal components from exposure to dust, germs and water, allowing internal parts to last longer. Noiseless operation is another benefit of the fanless cooling system.

Built-in Security

Protection of patient records is of critical importance to modern healthcare facilities. Adding the optional TPM (Trusted Platform Module) functionality to the TM-5510 will improve your ability to keep confidential information private during your transition to smart healthcare. An optional SmartCard Reader (SCR) and RFID reader is also available, which is required for hospitals utilizing Imprivata Single Sign-On.

TM-5510 fanless heatsink
Variety of Expansion Features

Additional USB ports are available on the side that make it convenient to plug in peripherals while keeping it out of the way for disinfecting purposes. For clinicians requiring the best performance in computing Teguar offers USB 3.1 Gen 2 which is double the speed of standard USB 3.0.

Optional Charging Bay

These mobile medical PCs can be powered by one battery while the other batteries charge, allowing for non-stop use. A separate multi-bay charging station allows you to charge one to three batteries simultaneously.

Two Teguar medical cart computers and three hot swappable batteries

Products in this Series

Model TM-5510-22

22" Mobile Medical Computer

  • 21.5" Full Flush HD PCAP Touchscreen
  • 7th Gen Intel Core i3/i5/i7 or Celeron Processor
  • Easy Access Hot-Swappable Batteries for 24/7 operation
Model TM-5510-24

24" Medical Cart Computer with Hot Swappable Batteries

  • 23.8" Pcap Touchscreen
  • 7th Gen Intel Core i5/i7 Processor
  • Easy Access Hot-Swappable Batteries for 24/7 operation

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