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Home Medical Panel PC | TM-4815 Series

Medical Panel PC | TM-4815 Series


About the Series

The Medical Panel PC with Touch Series is an advanced healthcare device created to make medical facilities work better and more efficiently. Powered by the Intel Elkhart Lake processor, it offers robust performance for demanding healthcare applications. With programmable light bars on both sides, the TM-4815-10 ensures clear visual indicators and customizable alerts for communication in busy clinical settings. Its in-wall mount design saves valuable space, making it ideal for tight environments. The 10-point touch screen provides a responsive surgical glove interface, and the optical boning enhances the display by eliminating reflections. This panel PC is a valuable addition to healthcare facilities, optimizing patient care and workflow efficiency.

Key Series Features

  • 10” Projected Capacitive Touchscreen with Optical Bonding
  • Intel Celeron N6210 Elkhart Lake CPU
  • Programmable LED light bars on both sides
  • Multiple options (PoE, Dual Frequency RFID, Wall Mount Kit)
  • IP65 Rated, Wi-Fi 6E, AI Audio Analytics
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Series Features

Celeron N6210

The Medical Panel PC with Touch runs on the Celeron N6210 processor, known for its low Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 6.5 watts, making it an energy-efficient choice for healthcare applications. This processor delivers reliable performance, making it a suitable choice for healthcare applications where energy efficiency and functionality are paramount.

Flush Mounted to Wall

This series offers a flush wall-mounting option, optimizing space utilization in healthcare settings. This design choice ensures the panel PC seamlessly integrates into the wall, reducing clutter and enhancing the aesthetics of medical facilities while providing easy access to critical information and applications when needed.

TM-4815 Celeron
Standard Optical Bonding

The TM-4815 features standard optical bonding technology for its touchscreen, enhancing visibility and durability. This bonding process reduces reflections, minimizes glare, and improves screen clarity, ensuring that healthcare professionals can efficiently interact with critical medical data in various lighting conditions while maintaining a reliable and robust touchscreen interface.

Programmable LED Light Bars

With programmable LED light bars on both sides, the Medical Panel PC with Touch Series enhances healthcare facilities through its versatile alerting options and clear visual indicators. Each light bar boasts 10 programmable RGB LEDs, all certified under IEC62471 to meet 60601-1-8 standards, ensuring effective communication and operational efficiency in medical settings.

TM-4815 Lights
Multiple Options

RFID Reader: The series provides the option to incorporate additional features, including an RFID Reader capable of reading both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz credentials. This versatile feature enables seamless access control and user authentication in healthcare settings, enhancing security and maintaining efficient management of medical data and resources.
POE: The TM-4815-10 offers an optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature. This technology allows for both data and electrical power to be transmitted through a single Ethernet cable, simplifying installation, and reducing clutter in healthcare environments.

TM-4815 Medical Panel PC With Touch

Products in this Series

Model TM-4815-10

10" Medical Panel PC

  • 10” Projected Capacitive Touchscreen with Optical Bonding
  • Intel Celeron N6210 Elkhart Lake CPU
  • Programmable LED light bars on both sides

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