Medical Computers

Medical Computers

The Teguar Medical Grade Computer line is fast becoming the standard of care in all medical facilities. They are currently found in many locations such as operating theaters, general practitioners offices, nursing stations, and pharmaceutical laboratories. The medical computers we design at Teguar are built to be durable as well as electrically and hygienically safe for patients. We focus on streamlining your computer with fully flush IP65 front touch screens, MSRA resistant antibacterial coatings, and UL certifications, so you can devote less time to technology and focus more on your patients.


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Medical Certification Standards

Teguar computers are specially designed for the medical field to meet or exceed standards in place to best protect patients and practitioners when interacting with electrical systems. These standards may vary with each computer as the needs are different in each setting. All of our medical computers are EN/UL 60601 compliant and have varying degrees of other certifications including: LVD, VCCI, CE, FCC Class B, ISO 14971. Teguar works with customers to ensure standards desired are provided through the best possible choice of computer to fit the desired setting and regulatory demands.

Touch Screens for Ease of Use

Teguar All-In-One Computers come with either Resistive or Projective Capacitive touch screen options to match your requirements. The resistive screen option allows for use with any type of glove while the projective capacitive option is good for multi-touch software applications. Cleaning screens is simple and easy with the full IP65 flush front. Touch screen sizes range from 10” to 32” including widescreen options.

A Safe and Hygienic Design

Each touch screen is sealed within a heavy-duty, industrial grade housing that is smooth and easy to clean. Most Teguar Medical Computers include an antibacterial coating which aids in the prevention of MRSA. In addition to this, overall crevices are minimized to prevent places where germs could grow.

Industrial Strength Components

Our medical computers are not medical enclosures around standard computer components. Teguar Medical Computers are made with high quality industrial strength internal computer components which are made to run 24/7, 365, for years on end. We understand that medical care is a nonstop job and manufacture our computers with that use in mind.


Our computers are mountable with standard VESA mounts. Teguar computers are sleek and slim making them easy to place in a variety of circumstances such as wall or arm mounts, on table top stands, bedside terminals, or medical carts. We work with you to meet your placement needs and can provide mounting hardware where needed.

Additional Features

At Teguar, you can choose a general medical computer that will help you adapt to ever changing application needs. We also offer medical PCs for specific purposes including models with 2D scanners, RFID and Smart Card readers. Included in our medical offerings are 4KV isolation for USB and COM ports as well as a range of CPUs from the basic Intel Atom Dual Core to the newest Core i7 CPUs with fanless options. Our wide selection of input output ports and PCIe slots allow for further customization. Each type of computer we offer has unique features to fit the end application.

Teguar offers everything from Tablets, to All-In-One Computers and Box PCs. If you do not find exactly what you want, Teguar can meet most needs and requests for configuring medical computers. We look forward to your inquiry.