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Home Medical All in One | TM-7165 Series

Medical All in One | TM-7165 Series


About the Series

The Medical All in One Series is ideal for modern healthcare operations. Powered by an Intel Core i5/i7 13th generation processor, this computer ensures lightning-fast performance vital for handling intricate medical tasks. Windows 11 offers a simplified and familiar interface. This computer was made with healthcare application in mind, with its IPX2 rated antimicrobial enclosure that guarantees patient safety and infection control. The inclusion of a POAG grounding pin ensures another level of safety in the workplace. The optional NVIDIA graphics card gives unparalleled image clarity, aiding in diagnostics. This also helps with the adaptability for AI applications, making the TM-7165 an indispensable asset in healthcare settings.

Key Series Features

  • 23.8” High Resolution Touchscreen with 4K Display Resolution Option
  • Intel Core i5/i7 Processor Passmark Rating 24630
  • Windows 11 Capabilities
  • Optional NVIDIA Graphics Card
  • IPX2 Rated Antimicrobial Enclosure
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Series Features

Intel Core i5/i7 13th Generation Processor

The TM-7165 is equipped with the Intel Core i5/i7 13th Generation Processor, providing exceptional computational power for swift and efficient medical tasks. This high-performance CPU ensures seamless multitasking, rapid data processing, and responsive software execution, making it an invaluable asset for healthcare professionals seeking optimal productivity and precision in their work.

Windows 11

The TM-7165's integration of Windows 11 enhances user experience with its intuitive interface and advanced features. This modern operating system ensures seamless navigation and compatibility with a wide range of software applications, empowering healthcare professionals with a familiar and efficient platform for their critical tasks.

TM-7165 Windows 11
IPX2 Rated Enclosure

The IPX2 rating is a crucial element in ensuring patient safety and equipment durability. This rating signifies protection against water droplets and liquids, safeguarding the device's internal components from potential damage. This feature ensures the device's durability and safety in healthcare settings, where liquid accidents can happen, keeping it reliable and hygienic.

POAG Grounding Pin

The TM-7165's POAG grounding pin is a safety feature crucial for electrical security. It prevents electrical accidents by grounding the device, ensuring a safe and stable power supply. This feature is essential in healthcare settings, where patient safety and uninterrupted device operation are paramount.

TM-7165 IPX2

With the option to incorporate an NVIDIA graphics card, the TM-7165 showcases exceptional graphics performance. Its compatibility with full graphics card capabilities, such as the RTX A2000 or the RTX-A4000, ensures stunning visuals for medical professionals. The optional 4K Display Resolution offers pristine image quality, making it well-suited for precision-critical tasks in medical environments.

The TM-7165's compatibility with optional NVIDIA graphics cards positions it as an ideal choice for AI applications. These graphics cards accelerate AI computations, enabling rapid data processing and enhanced machine learning capabilities. This synergy between hardware and software empowers healthcare professionals with advanced AI tools for data analysis and decision support, ultimately improving patient care.

TM-7165 NVIDIA card

Products in this Series

Model TM-7165-24

24" Medical All in One

  • 23.8” High Resolution Touchscreen with 4K Display Resolution Option
  • Intel Core i5/i7 Processor Passmark Rating 24630
  • Windows 11 Capabilities

Series Reviews