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Home Medical All in One PC Series | TM-5900

Medical All in One PC Series | TM-5900

medical all in one tm-5900

About the Series

Teguar's Medical All In One PC is ideal for telemedicine applications thanks to its 2x built-in microphones, 5MP webcam, and optional 2x 3W speakers (headphones could also be used with the included 3.5mm speaker box jack.) The TM-5900-24 also includes an antimicrobial surface, just like all of Teguar's medical computers, and the battery pack located in the back panel will offer longer continuous operational time.

Key Series Features

  • 23.8" responsive touchscreen
  • 11th Generation Intel™ Tiger Lake CPU
  • Fanless cooling system
  • Webcam, microphone & speakers included
  • Thin, lightweight all-in-one design
  • Extended battery life w/ hot swappable batteries
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Series Features

Telemedicine Ready

The TM-5900-24 is one of the only medical computers on the market today that comes standard with a 5 megapixel wide angle view camera. The crisp video captured by the monitor's camera allows for physicians to perform close examinations as needed, and the 110 degree angle allows for a full examination room view. The included privacy latch provides peace of mind for the patient.

Audio & Video Capabilities Included

A wide selection of audio options makes this computer an obvious choice for telehealth applications. The computer includes two internal microphones for picking up speech, and a 3.5mm audio-in input can be utilized for headphone usage (USB slots can also be utilized with select headphones.) Also unique to the TM-5900-24 is the option to include an additional front-facing 3W speaker box, which may be preferred by patients who do not wish to wear headphones.

TM-5900-24 telemedicine features

The World's Thinnest & Lightest

The TM-5900-24 is 23% slimmer than 24" medical computers offered by our competitors. With a width of only 43.69 mm (1.7 inches) this telemedicine computer is perfect for mounting almost anywhere, including a medical cart, a desk, a wall, or any other installation you'd like to try.

Thin Chassis = Lightweight

Thanks to this medical all in one PC's slim profile and state-of-the-art engineering, this 24" screen device weighs only 7.8 KG (17.2 lbs), making medical computer cart mounting an ideal application for Teguar's TM-5900-24. Solid but durable construction and an antimicrobial surface make this computer an obvious standout.

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Products in this Series

Model TM-5900-24

24" Medical All in One PC

  • 11th Generation Intel Tiger Lake Processor
  • Full HD Display w/ P-Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Fanless, Slim, & Lightweight Design

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