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Home Medical All in One Computer | TM-4757 Series

Medical All in One Computer | TM-4757 Series


About the Series

The Medical All-in-One Computer series, featuring a compact 13" screen size, is an excellent choice for healthcare environments where space is at a premium. Powered by the Intel Pentium N6415 processor, it ensures reliable performance for medical applications. The TM-4757 series meets the stringent standards required in healthcare settings as it is designed for medical compliance. This unit is ideal for custom projects with limited space, offering flexibility and efficiency. Additionally, the option to add RFID and an internal battery enhances its versatility, making it a robust solution for various medical needs. This combination of features ensures seamless integration and optimal functionality in any medical facility.

Key Series Features

  • 13.3” Full HD Touchscreen
  • Intel Pentium N6415 Quad-Core CPU (Up to 3.0 GHz)
  • Designed for Medical Compliance
  • Windows 11 Capable
  • Options available to add RFID and Internal Battery
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Series Features

Pentium Quad Core CPU

The Medical All-in-One Computer, equipped with a Pentium N6415 Quad-core CPU, delivers reliable and efficient performance for healthcare applications. Its powerful processing capability ensures smooth operation, handling multiple tasks seamlessly.

Windows 11

The TM-4757 is fully Windows 11 capable, ensuring a modern, secure, and user-friendly experience. Its compatibility with the latest Windows OS provides enhanced features, improved performance, and robust security measures. This makes the TM-4757 an excellent choice for staying current with evolving software standards.

TM-4757 Pentium Windows 11
Compact Full HD Display

The Medical All-in-One Computer features a compact 13.3" Full HD display, offering sharp, clear visuals in a space-saving design. This high-resolution screen ensures precise image quality, essential for detailed medical tasks. Its compact size makes it ideal for environments where space is limited.


This series is highly customizable, making it perfect for OEM/ODM projects where limited space is a decision factor. Its versatile design allows for tailored solutions, meeting specific needs without sacrificing functionality. This adaptability ensures it integrates seamlessly into various applications, providing efficient, space-saving solutions for specialized projects.

TM-4757 Front and Back
Medical Compliance

The TM-4757 is meticulously designed for medical compliance, ensuring it meets rigorous medical standard tests. This compliance guarantees safety, reliability, and performance in healthcare environments. Its adherence to stringent standards makes the TM-4757 a trusted choice for medical professionals.

Input and Output Support

The unit supports video output over USB-C, providing versatile connectivity for modern setups. This feature allows users to connect external displays, monitors, or projectors seamlessly through a single USB-C port, simplifying multimedia presentations and enhancing productivity.

TM-4757-13 All in One Computer

Products in this Series

Model TM-4757-13

13" Medical All in One Computer

  • 13.3” Full HD Touchscreen
  • Intel Pentium N6415 Quad-Core CPU (Up to 3.0 GHz)
  • Designed for Medical Compliance

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