Industrial Touch Screens Atom / Celeron PCs

Industrial panel PCs are the backbone of many modern manufacturing and processing operations. Built to reliably withstand the rigors of long term operation in even the most extreme work environments, Teguar’s industrial touchscreen computers easily handle vibration, moisture, water, shock, and dust. Thanks to a fanless cooling system, these computers deliver reliable and quiet productivity 24/7.

Utilizing Atom and Celeron processors, these units provide an energy efficient computing solution for any application. The interior of each industrial touchscreen PC is comprised of industrial-grade components designed to stand the test of time operating in harsh environments. For ease of install, these panel mount PCs are less than 76mm (3 inches) deep. The touchscreens and front bezels are IP65 waterproof rated and carry a NEMA 4X protection rating.

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Industrial Design

Teguar’s industrial touch screen panel PCs are designed to accommodate a variety of industrial applications. Their versatility allows them to be used on factory production floors, mounted into cabinet doors, or integrated into manufacturing equipment for machine control. The industrial design offers the capability to panel mount the computer into an enclosure so the bezel and touch screen is flush with the enclosure surface. All of the industrial touch screen computers include the industry standard VESA mounting hole pattern on the back side of the chassis, so they can be attached to an arm, a stand, or hung from a wall or other surface.

Rugged Reliability

Teguar’s industrial touch screen panel PCs are designed to withstand dust, dirt, liquids, and extreme temperatures. These models are fanless, so they are protected from dust. The front bezel and touch screen are waterproof, so the front panel is protected from water and other liquids when it is mounted into a cutout. These industrial touch screen computers have a special thermal design that allow for wide temperature operation, so they are protected from overheating when used in settings that are not climate controlled.

Long Term Availability

Touch screen computers from Teguar are industrial solutions. Industrial not only refers their rugged design, but it also means that these products will be available for a long period of time. Engineers looking to choose a touch screen computer for an ongoing project realize the benefits of consistency and long-term availability with industrial PCs. These models include long life components, including “Embedded” CPUs from Intel that offer 7+ years of availability from the CPU release date. Choosing an industrial touch screen computer with the latest Intel Embedded CPU will provide the longest life cycle support available, which is necessary for OEM machine designs and other ongoing projects. The exact same model will be available for several years, so there is no concern about discontinuation, mechanical design changes, or software compatibility.

Low Cost - Price / Performance Ratio

The majority of industrial touch screen applications are not processor intensive. They usually serve the purpose as an HMI (Human Machine Interface) where operators can control a machine, enter data, scan barcodes, weigh materials, label packages, or view assembly instructions. These processes can be handled with low power quad core Celeron or Pentium CPUs. The lower price point of these processors allows these computers to be a cost effective and space saving solution for where industrial touch screen monitors and fanless pc combinations are used.