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Home Industrial NUC | TB-4840 Series

Industrial NUC | TB-4840 Series

About the Series

The Industrial NUC Series redefines versatility with its compact box PC, reminiscent of the size of a toast. Powered by an efficient Celeron processor, this mini powerhouse effortlessly navigates across operating systems, seamlessly supporting Chrome, Windows 10, and Windows 11. Its diminutive size makes it an ideal fit for confined spaces, while its robust design caters to the demands of industrial and commercial kiosks. Whether deployed in manufacturing units or interactive touchpoints, the Industrial NUC Series combines performance and size, ensuring a dynamic computing solution tailored for diverse environments.

Key Series Features

  • Industrial Celeron Processor Passmark Rating 3846
  • Supports Chrome, Windows 10, and Windows 11
  • Fanless Cooling System
  • Supports Dual Display
  • Unique VESA Mounting Options
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Series Features

Windows 11

The Industrial NUC Series stands out with the inclusion of Windows 11, enhancing the user experience with a sleek interface and advanced features. From streamlined multitasking to a visually immersive environment, Windows 11 elevates the capabilities of this compact box PC, making it a cutting-edge solution for various industrial and commercial applications.

Intel Celeron

Boasting an Intel Celeron processor, the Industrial NUC Series delivers efficient and reliable performance for diverse computing needs. With swift data processing, the Celeron CPU ensures that this compact box PC stands out as a powerhouse, making it an ideal choice for industrial and commercial environments.


Marked by its compactness, the Industrial NUC Series is reminiscent of a slice of toast in size. This feature underscores its space efficiency, providing robust performance within a minimal footprint. Ideal for settings where space is at a premium, this computer is a sleek solution for diverse industrial and commercial applications.

Unique VESA Mounting Options

The Industrial NUC Series introduces unique VESA mounts as a standout feature, allowing versatile placement, even on the back of a monitor. This innovative design enhances adaptability, making it an ideal choice for space-conscious setups, seamlessly integrating into diverse environments for efficient computing solutions in industrial and commercial applications.

Supports Dual Display

Adding to its versatility, the Industrial NUC Series supports dual display functionality, enhancing productivity and user experience. This feature allows for simultaneous visual engagement, making it an excellent choice for applications requiring multitasking or expanded visual presentations in industrial and commercial settings.

Native COM Port

The Industrial NUC Series distinguishes itself with a native COM port, a key feature catering to legacy industrial applications. This integrated communication port ensures seamless connectivity for devices relying on serial communication, making the series an optimal choice for industrial environments where compatibility with older technology is essential.

Products in this Series

Model TB-4840

Industrial NUC

  • Intel Celeron J6412 Processor Passmark Rating 3846
  • Supports Chrome, Windows 10, and Windows 11
  • Fanless Cooling System

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