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Home Industrial Embedded Box PC | TB-5913 Series

Industrial Embedded Box PC | TB-5913 Series

Industrial Embedded Box PC- TB-5913 Front

About the Series

The TB-5913 Industrial Embedded Box PC is a high-performance solution tailored for industrial use, where both power and space efficiency are crucial. Its compact and space-saving design makes it ideal for installations with limited room. Equipped with an Intel 11th Generation Core i5 CPU, this box PC delivered exceptional processing capabilities for demanding industrial applications. The fanless design ensures reliable operation in harsh environments, eliminating the risk of dust and debris damage. With the powerful Core i5 CPU, Windows 11 runs smoothly, ensuring enhanced security and productivity features. The TB-5913 also boasts multiple inputs and outputs, including three USB-Type C connectors, providing versatile connectivity options to accommodate various industrial devices and peripherals.

Key Series Features

  • Intel 11th Generation Core i5 CPU
  • Windows 11
  • VESA and Wall Mountable
  • Multiple Inputs and Outputs including 3x USB-C, 2x LAN, 2x HDMI, and more
  • Small and Compact Design
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Series Features

Intel 11th Generation CPU

The TB-5913 is powered by an Intel 11th Generation Core i5 CPU, ensuring exceptional processing power and performance. With this advanced processor, users can experience seamless multitasking, faster data processing, and enhanced overall system responsiveness. Despite its small chassis, this deceptively compact computer packs a powerful punch with its Core i5 processor.

Windows 11

This box PC comes equipped with the Windows 11 operating system because of the powerful Intel 11th Generation Core i5 CPU. With Windows 11, users can enjoy an enhanced and intuitive user interface, improved security features, and seamless compatibility with a wide range of software applications. The advanced capabilities of Windows 11 further enhance the productivity and user experience of the TB-5913, making it an excellent choice for applications requiring a reliable and modern industrial computer.

TB-5913 windows 11
Small and Space Saving

The TB-5913 stands out with its compact and space-saving design. This feature makes it ideal for installations with limited space, allowing for easy integration into various industrial environments. Despite its small size, the device does not compromise on performance, delivering reliable computer power while maximizing efficiency and optimizing workspace utilization.

VESA Mountable

With VESA and wall mounting, the TB-5913 provides versatile placement options. Whether it's mounted on a wall or attached to the back of a monitor using VESA mounts, this feature ensures optimal space utilization and easy integration into diverse industrial settings. It presents a convenient and efficient computing solution that adapts to the specific needs of different environments.

TB-5913 Wall mount
Abundant Inputs and Outputs

The TB-5913 offers provides abundant inputs and outputs, delivering versatile connectivity options. With 2x USB 3.2 ports and 3x USB-C ports, it enables seamless connection with various peripherals. It features 2x HDMI outputs, 2x LAN ports, and 1x Audio Line In/Out, expanding the devices compatibility and functionality. With a 12-24V DC power input and an included external AC-to-DC power supply, the TB-5913 ensures reliable power delivery for uninterrupted operation in industrial environments

Economical Option

The Industrial Embedded Box PC offers an economical choice for businesses and industrials. With its economic cost, it provides an affordable solution without compromising on performance or reliability. This makes it an ideal choice for organizations looking to optimize their budget while still enjoying the benefits of a powerful and efficient box PC.

TB-5913 IOs

Products in this Series

Model TB-5913

Industrial Embedded Box PC

  • Intel 11th Generation Core i5 CPU
  • Multiple Inputs and Outputs including 3x USB-C, 2x LAN, 2x HDMI, and more
  • VESA and Wall Mountable

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