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Home Industrial All in One PC | TP-4840 Series

Industrial All in One PC | TP-4840 Series


About the Series

The TP-4840 Series of industrial all in one PCs is available in screen sizes from 10.1” to 21.5”. These powerful fanless computers run on the Intel Elkhart Lake Celeron CPU which allows them to run Windows 11 operating system smoothly. They are built for industrial environments with durable aluminum die-cast housing and a fanless operating system. They have Pcap touchscreens, LED displays, and abundant IO ports to support peripherals and integrate with your manufacturing line, assembly operation, or other industrial application. The TP-4840 series comes equipped with M.2 SSD for optimal storage. These industrial computers are built to run 24/7 and have IP65 protected front screens, so they can withstand constant usage and be wiped down periodically for cleaning.

Key Series Features

  • 10.1" to 21.5" Pcap Touchscreen Sizes
  • Intel Elkhart Lake 10th Gen Celeron J6412 Quad core CPU
  • Aluminum Die-Cast Housing
  • Fanless operating system and Low Power Consumption
  • Multiple I/Os including 2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 1x USB Type C, 2x COM & more
  • VESA 75 Mounting holes
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Series Features

Powerful Intel 10th Gen Processor

This series features an Intel 10th Generation Celeron processor. Generation 10, nicknamed Elkhart Lake by the engineers at Intel, represents a fast and updated CPU. This allows for lightning-fast processing power. Industrial applications are easier and faster to use with Intel 10th Gen processing.

Windows 11 Capabilities

Due to the powerful Intel 10th Gen Celeron Quad core processor, these industrial all in one PCs have the capability to run Windows 11 Operating System smoothly. By requesting Windows 11 OS installation upon configurating, you can take advantage of the improved security and performance advances that Windows 11 offers. Or, install Windows 10 now and know you are able to upgrade to Windows 11 in the future.

Intuitively Designed

The TP-4840 series is created with all applications in mind. This model has a sleek design with an abundance of I/Os, all while remaining fully fanless. The inputs and outputs are easily hidden behind the included IO cover, to present a clean look when installed. The IO cover is metal for long service life and is removable via two Philipps head screws.

Unique Features

The TP-4840 includes some uncommon features for an industrial computer. A front facing webcam allow operators to take pictures of product or document work visually. Two internal speakers allow a multimedia experience without the need for external speakers. This is often employed for audible notifications and warnings.

Long Life Cycle

The TP-4840 series follows the intel embedded roadmap, which ensures this model is available for years to come. The CPU is on a long-life cycle to make certain that all the remaining components never change for 5-7 years.

Fully Flush

The front bezel has an IP65 rating and is fully flush for easy cleaning. You can easily wash it down or wipe it clean to prevent build up on the screen. The touch screen is one single piece across the front, so there are no crevices for dirt to accumulate.


Products in this Series

Model TP-4840-10

10" All-In-One PC

  • 10.1" Full Flat IP65 Protected Touchscreen
  • Intel Elkhart Lake 10th Gen Celeron J6412 Quad core CPU
  • Windows 11 Capabilities
Model TP-4840-16

16" Industrial PC

  • 15.6" True Flat Touchscreen with LCD Display
  • Intel Elkhart Lake 10th Gen Celeron J6412 Quad core CPU
  • Aluminum Die-Cast Housing
Model TP-4840-22

22" Industrial Computer

  • 21.5" Protected Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Intel Elkhart Lake 10th Gen Celeron J6412 Quad core CPU
  • Optional Built-in 2MP Webcam
Model TP-4840-18

18" Industrial Computer

  • 18.5" LED LCD Touchscreen
  • Intel Elkhart Lake 10th Gen Celeron J6412 Quad-core CPU
  • Fanless Cooling System

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