Embedded Box PCs with Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs

Teguar Computers' advanced performance fanless PCs featuring Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs, bring you the most powerful processors in the PC industry. Along with rich I/O and expansion options, these fanless computers can power a stand-alone piece of equipment, run demanding software applications, or be embedded into a greater digital platform as powerful IoT hubs. Made with industrial grade components, these embedded PCs are designed to run non-stop while offering a wide range of I/O ports including LAN, USB, COM, Audio, Video, and GPIO. Our fanless computers can be placed exactly where you desire them - from outdoors, to cabinets, to bumpy trains and more - meeting your unique, high-performance needs.

See Inside the TB-5085

Mini Fanless Box PC




  • Fanless PC | TB-5085

    Fanless PC | TB-5085

    • Intel 6th Gen Core i3/i5 or Celeron CPU
    • Small Form Factor Fanless Design (8.5”x 6”x 2”)
    • 3 LAN, 6 USB, up to 6 COM Ports
    • Up to 16GB DDR4 RAM
    • M.2 2242 Solid State Drive
    • Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Embedded Computer | TB-5545-MVS

    Machine Vision Box Computer | TB-5545-MVS

    • Intel 7th Gen. Core i3/i5/i7 CPU
    • Up to 4x Expansion Slots
    • 2x 260-pin DDR4 SO-DIMM Memory
    • TPM 2.0 Security
    • Wide Range Power Input (DC 9~36V)
    • DIN Rail or Wall Mount Options
  • Fanless Computer | TB-5545

    Fanless Computer | TB-5545

    • Intel® 7th Gen. Kaby Lake Core i3/i5/i7 CPU
    • Optional DIN Rail Mount
    • Easy-Access Storage Bay
    • 2x SO-DIMM, up to 32GB DDR4 Memory
    • Three Independent Video Outputs
    • 4x GbE LAN Ports
  • Fanless PC | TB-5545-PCIe

    Fanless PC | TB-5545-PCIe

    • Intel® 7th Gen. Kaby Lake Core i3/i5/i7 CPU
    • 2x SO-DIMM, up to 32GB DDR4 Memory
    • Three Independent Video Outputs
    • 2x PCIex1 or 1x PCIex4 Expansion Slots
    • Easy-Access Storage Bay
    • Wide Range Power Input (DC 9~36V)
  • Waterproof Embedded PC Front | TWB-5520

    IP65 Waterproof Box Computer | TWB-5520

    • 7th Gen. Intel Core i5-7200U Kaby Lake Processor
    • Full IP65 Waterproof / NEMA 4 Box PC
    • Wide Operating Temperature 0ºC to 50ºC (Optional -20ºC to 60ºC)
    • Ultra Compact, Aluminum Chassis with Fanless Design
    • 9~36V DC Power Input with Isolation
  • Core i3/i5/i7 Fanless PC | TB-3010

    Core i3/i5/i7 Fanless PC | TB-3010

    • Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3/i5/i7 CPU
    • Up to 16 GB RAM / SATA HDD Drive Bay
    • Thin Profile with True Fanless Design
    • Tough Aluminum Metal Enclosure
    • 4 USB Ports & SSD Support 
    • Mini PCIe Slot & 6 COM Ports
  • Fanless Computer | TB-3010-PCI

    Fanless Computer | TB-3010-PCI

    • Ivy Bridge Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPU
    • Choice of PCI or PCIe Slot
    • 6 COM Ports and 4 USB Ports
    • Supports SSD for Extra Storage
    • Up to 16 GB RAM / SATA HDD Drive Bay
    • Rugged Aluminum Housing
  • Fanless Box PC | TB-3052

    Fanless Box PC | TB-3052

    • Compact Design (8.35 x 6.50 x 2.44 in)
    • Intel 3rd-Gen i7/i5 PGA-type processor
    • User-Configurable CPU power mode for adaptation to various environments
    • Dual Gigabyte ports and four USB 3.0 Ports
    • DVI/VGA + Display Port Triple independent display outputs
  • Waterproof Box PC | TWB-3520

    Waterproof Box PC | TWB-3520

    • Intel® Core i7-3517UE 1.7GHz
    • Fully Waterproof NEMA 4X (IP65) PC
    • Ultra Compact Size with Fanless Design
    • Support mSATA SSD and Micro SD Card
    • One Mini-PCIe Socket Expansion
    • 9~36V DC with Isolation

Unbeatable Reliability

Reliability is one of the most important aspects for any industrial computer application, as downtime can halt production or hinder machine operation with tremendous implications. Teguar’s fanless embedded box PCs mitigate these potential liabilities in two ways. The fanless design enables protection from dust and debris, which is common point of failure in most environments. Conventional computers include CPU coolers and other ventilating fans that continuously pull dust into the system. This dust settles on the motherboard and clogs vital circulation pathways causing performance degradation and early failure. Airborne contamination and dust will not cause failures with fanless embedded PCs. Another common point of failure in conventional computers are the fans themselves. As moving mechanical components, fans degrade over time, and they are one of the most common points of failure in conventional computers. Fanless embedded box PCs are passively cooled, so there is no possibility of fan failure.

Rugged Design

Fanless box PCs are rugged computers that can withstand high mechanical shock and vibration. This movement is typical in many applications such as machine mounted computers, mobile carts, agriculture, and vehicle computers. Conventional computers include mechanical components such as hard drives and fans that cannot withstand frequent vibration or jarring. Fanless embedded PCs do not include fans or moving components, as they expel heat directly through the chassis surface enabling a rugged computer design. When equipped with a solid state drive, there are no moving components to fail, making them a perfect solution for any high shock and vibration setting.

High Performance Computing

Teguar’s fanless embedded box PCs are an optimal solution for rugged high-performance computer projects. They are available with the latest Core i7, i5, and i3 CPUs for the most demanding applications. The low power processors and unique chassis thermal designs makes this possible. All fanless embedded PCs include a heat pipe or heat plate that transfers heat generated by the CPU to the chassis surface. Most high performance fanless box PCs include fins on the chassis surface to aid in heat dissipation. The latest models can accommodate 35W desktop CPUs including quad core i7 options, making them the highest performance fanless embedded systems available.

Robust I/O Ports and Expansion

Fanless embedded PCs are available with a variety of I/O ports to suit the needs of almost any embedded PC application. Models typically include multiple COM ports and LAN ports for communication with industrial devices, which is uncommon on conventional computers. Additional IO ports such as GPIO, digital I/O, and PoE (Power Over Ethernet) are available on many fanless embedded PCs for connection to external cameras, scales, relays, and measurement devices. Some of Teguar’s fanless embedded PCs include PCI Express or PCI slots and allow for integration of additional expansion cards.