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Product Announcements

Customization and Versatility: The Medical All in One Computer Advantage

13" Medical All in One Computer TM-4757-13 Front Angle

Medical computers are revolutionizing healthcare. They streamline processes, improve patient care, and keep data secure. These advancements are making a real difference in the medical field every day. With a reputation for creating durable, high-performance devices, Teguar stands out by offering custom units tailored to meet the unique requirements of healthcare providers. 

Introducing the latest addition to their lineup—the Medical All in One Computer Series. This compact, 13-inch screen device is designed specifically for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) who face space constraints but cannot compromise on performance.  

Unmatched Processing Power

At the heart of the TM-4757 lies the Pentium N6415 Quad Core CPU. Known for its efficiency and power, this processor ensures that the device can handle the demanding tasks typical in a medical setting. Whether it's managing patient records, running diagnostic software, or supporting telemedicine applications, the TM-4757 performs seamlessly. 

Seamless Integration with Windows 11

Paired with the latest Windows 11 operating system, the TM-4757 offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Windows 11 is optimized for touch screen use, making it ideal for the TM-4757's 13-inch display. The OS supports a wide range of medical software, ensuring compatibility with existing systems and tools. 

Customization for Versatile Solutions

One of the standout features of the TM-4757 is its versatile design, allowing for extensive customization. Teguar understands that different medical environments have unique requirements, and this device can be tailored to meet those specific needs without sacrificing functionality. Customization options include the ability to add RFID for secure access control. This feature is particularly useful in settings where patient privacy and security are paramount. Another significant customization option is the addition of an internal battery. This feature ensures that the TM-4757 remains operational even during power outages, a critical factor in maintaining continuous patient care and data integrity.  

TM-4757 Front and Back

Test out a TM-4757-13 Today!

Whether you are an OEM or ODM looking for compact yet powerful solutions, or a healthcare provider seeking reliable and efficient technology, the TM-4757 is designed to meet your needs. Experience the future of medical computing with Teguar's innovative and versatile offering. 

Ready to revolutionize your healthcare operations? Learn more about the TM-4757 and talk to a product specialist today to discover how this powerful device can transform your practice. 

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