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Home COVID-19 Teguar Communications Center

Last updated: March 12, 2021

General Statement

Microscopic image rendering of COVID-19 moleculeThe world disruption caused by COVID-19 is unprecedented. Governments, organizations, and families are all trying to cope with a Pandemic Reality.  Alongside our customers, Teguar Corporation is somewhere in the midst of this, assessing new realities daily, and navigating decisions in the dynamic situation. We are positioned in a unique spot with shifting product demands between industrial and medical computers. Some of our computers are being deployed in hospitals, clean rooms, and research facilities on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. Teguar is listed as an official Thomas Registered COVID-19 Response Supplier. This fight, and our customers remain our top priorities.

FAQs: Below are frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer you need contact Teguar via Chat, at, or contact your account representative directly.

Teguar Hours of Operation and Essential Business Status.

Q: Will Teguar remain open through the COVID-19 government mandates to stay at home?

A:  Yes, Teguar will remain open for normal business hours. Teguar is currently staffed with both work-from-home employees and workers at our place of business in Charlotte, NC. Teguar Headquarters, located in North Carolina, has moved from a Stay at Home Order to “Safer at Home Phase 2”.

A:  Teguar is considered an “Essential Business” and employees are considered “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers during COVID-19 Response”.  

Shipping and Delivery Concerns

Q: Will my set delivery time be affected by the pandemic?

A:  For new orders placed, there is no added shipping time. Up until June 16th, there was 2-4 weeks average time added to shipments. Teguar is working to prioritize orders that will be in facilities working to fight COVID-19.

Q: Will the cost of shipping increase or decrease because of the crisis?

A: While oil prices are down, the worldwide logistics community is under significant stress with shifting demands and logistics prices have risen rapidly. Teguar is currently absorbing most of the cost, but may need to pass a portion of the increased cost on to customers.

Teguar 1% Supply Chain Surcharge

Due to unprecedented shipping volumes from Asia and a surge in online shopping during the pandemic, our operating costs have increased across our supply chain. To account for this, we implemented a 1% surcharge on all orders placed after 3/1/2021. Please note that this a temporary surcharge.

Product Sales and Current Orders in Process

Q:  If I am about to submit a Purchase Order or have a blanket P.O., are the Teguar products I ordered still available?

A: Yes, the products you have chosen are still available. At this point there are no significant changes in the manufacturing of our computers.  Our computers are manufactured in Taiwan, which is doing an exceptional job of managing the COVID Crisis.

Q: My company has suffered financial loss and has put a hold on all purchasing. What if I need to suspend an order?

A:  If possible, it is best to continue an order as suspending an order will set your delivery time back further. However, Teguar does understand the uncertainty that businesses are currently facing and we do have "Suspend Order Status" available due to COVID. Inquire directly with your Teguar Account Representative or to see what your options are.

Service and Repair Related

Q:  Will the service department remain open to repair computers or make modifications requested?

A: Currently all aspects of the Teguar Technical Services Department are fully operational. We have full capacity to process orders through our Charlotte, NC location. Our Returns Department is also repairing/processing customer returns with little to no delays above our normal turnaround times. The shipping, receiving, repair & returns departments are taking recommended precautions in wiping down surfaces and wearing masks.

Safety Measures Taken

Q: What is Teguar doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19

A: Much of Teguar staff is working from home in order to comply with the flatten the curve mandate. Teguar is slowly phasing more people back into the office and all departments are taking precautions. These precautions include wearing masks, temperature checks, and environmental cleanings twice a day.

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