Industrial touchscreen computers are a versatile product and can be designed into a wide range of industrial applications or integrated into products/machinery.  Known for their reliability, ruggedness, and configurability attributes, these computers serve a vital role in countless industrial operations.

 all-in-one industrial touchscreen pc 

All-in-one Touchscreen PC

The easiest industrial touchscreen computer to grasp is the all-in-one.  This type of unit is precisely what it’s name suggests; a unit containing a computer and touchscreen monitor within the same housing.  All-in-one computers are the easiest to physically move and are typically mounted on desks, walls, or movable arms.
 industrial fanless panel mount pc 

Panel Mount Touchscreen PC

A panel pc is a framed computer that is intended to be inserted into a wall, enclosure, or the side of a larger product/machine.  These units sport a bezel that hides how the unit was installed, creates a cleaner look, and protects components from possible ingress of water/dust.
 open frame touchscreen industrial pc 

Open Frame Touchscreen PC

An open frame computer is one that is specifically intended to be integrated into a larger machine or product.  It will not have a front bezel around the touchscreen, allowing the unit to more effectively integrate into the overall design aesthetic of the larger unit.

Teguar Computers offers a wide variety of industrial touchscreen computers with all-in-one, panel mount, or open frame options. Regardless of your project specifications, Teguar has a solution to fit your needs.