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Home Knowledge Center 5 Benefits of Using Tablets in Healthcare

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5 Benefits of Using Tablets in Healthcare

In the healthcare field, technologies are always evolving. Advances made that affect the day to day work of medical professionals sometimes are slow to be adopted if the advantages aren’t immediately clear. Tablets are becoming more prevalent in the medical field and there are many good reasons to utilize them. Below are five major benefits when you integrate tablets into your facility.

Benefit 1: Safety

Doctor examining patient's report on medical tablet in hospital roomA common stereotype about doctors is that they have terrible handwriting. Using a tablet eliminates the possibility of misreading instructions or making errors when quickly jotting down information. It also allows for the ability to scan prescriptions and patient wristbands to be sure they are receiving the correct medication. These factors can save patient lives and prevent avoidable mistakes.

Benefit 2: Easy Information Access

With a tablet, doctors and nurses are able to pull up a patient’s medical records at their bedside. They are also able to record information and check the plan of care on the spot, instead of waiting until they get back to a computer or nurses station. Medical professionals can use this feature to check if a patient has allergies before prescribing a certain medication, saving time and possibly lives.

Benefit 3: Scheduling and Communication

With healthcare personnel always on the go, it can be hard to keep up with colleagues and coordinate who should be where. With tablets on a shared network, employees can access a schedule that lets them know where to be and who is doing what at a given time. They are also able to communicate with each other virtually and share news or patient information.

Benefit 4: Imaging and Sound

The graphics capabilities of many tablets mean that they can be used for learning or to provide images of a patient to other doctors and nurses. They can attach copies of X-Rays or ultrasounds to a patient’s file for easier access. Professionals can explain a disease to a patient using visuals to help them understand what is going on in their bodies. They can also use audio for explanations of conditions like an irregular heartbeat.

Benefit 5: Inventory Management

Tablets can be used to keep track of various equipment and prescription inventory in the healthcare facility. Tracking what is available is very helpful when it comes to reordering or prescribing. If a doctor sees that a certain medication isn’t available in real time, they could prescribe a similar option that is available without delay.

Healthcare Tablet Solutions

Medical tablets are a great asset in the healthcare industry. Their convenience and portability can simplify many common tasks and make life easier for medical personnel. Teguar has medical tablets available that are UL/EN 60601 certified and made specifically for the healthcare field. Most have antibacterial coatings to prevent the growth of germs, and they are durable and reliable. Contact us to learn more about our rugged tablet offerings.