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Home Battery Powered Medical Computers | TME-5940 Series

Battery Powered Medical Computers | TME-5940 Series


About the Series

The Battery Powered Medical Computers Series represents advanced healthcare technology, featuring the powerful 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPU for seamless performance. Running on Windows 11, these computers offer an advanced and user-friendly interface. A standout feature is the inclusion of 3-bay hot-swappable batteries, ensuring uninterrupted operation in critical medical settings. The series caters to diverse needs by providing power output for PTZ cameras, facilitating enhanced medical imaging and communication. With the integration of WiFi 6 and Bluetooth, these computers offer robust connectivity, promoting efficient data exchange and communication within healthcare facilities. This series sets a new standard for medical computing, prioritizing reliability, performance, and adaptability.

Key Series Features

  • 21.5” Flush Front HD Display with PCAP Touch
  • Intel 11th Generation Tiger Lake CPU
  • Windows 11 Compatible
  • 3-Bay Hot Swappable Batteries
  • Power Output for PTZ Cameras
  • Accessible SSD Bay Door
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Series Features

11th Generation Tiger Lake CPU

The TME-5940 Series stands out with its stellar performance, powered by the 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPU. This updated processor ensures lightning-fast speeds and efficient multitasking, making the TME-5940 an ideal solution for demanding medical applications where responsiveness and reliability are paramount.

Windows 11 Compatibility

The Battery Powered Medical Computers Series achieves peak performance by harmonizing the 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPU with the Windows 11 operating system. This dynamic synergy ensures not only swift computing capabilities but also harnesses the advanced features and security of Windows 11, creating a seamless, user-friendly experience tailored for the demanding requirements of medical professionals.

Power Output for Various PTZ Cameras

Setting new standards in medical computing, the TME-5940 Series excels with its power output for various PTZ cameras. This feature empowers healthcare professionals with enhanced medical imaging capabilities, facilitating precise and detailed visuals. The TME-5940 Series ensures seamless integration and optimal performance in medical environments relying on PTZ camera technology.

Convenient 3-Bay Hot Swappable Batteries

The TME-5940 Series introduces unparalleled convenience with its 3-bay hot-swappable batteries. This innovative feature ensures uninterrupted functionality in critical medical scenarios by allowing seamless battery replacement without downtime. Healthcare professionals can rely on continuous operation, emphasizing reliability and efficiency in demanding medical environments.

WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, RFID & SmartCard options

The TME-5940 Series delivers top-tier connectivity with WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1, ensuring robust and high-speed data exchange. The SmartCard & RFID options enhance security measures, making it an ideal choice for healthcare professionals who prioritize smooth communication, advanced connectivity, and secure access to sensitive medical data.

Hailo AI Accelerator Compatible

The Battery Powered Medical Computers Series showcases forward-thinking technology with its Hailo AI Accelerator compatibility. This feature elevates the series to new heights in low power processing efficiency, enabling advanced AI applications empowering cameras & devices. The integration of Hailo AI Accelerator underscores the TME-5940 Series as a powerhouse in healthcare computing.


Products in this Series

Model TME-5940-22

22" Battery Powered Medical Computer

  • 21.5” Flush Front HD Display with PCAP Touch
  • Intel 11th Generation Tiger Lake CPU
  • Windows 11 Compatible

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