Teguar Computers delivers strong, reliable, and ruggedized hardware solutions.  With a focus on quality and reliability, we are committed to offering remarkable designs to our customers. From project start to finish, inside and outside the enclosure, we know what you need. We design computers that you can feel confident about advancing your purposes. Our portfolio includes: Industrial Grade Computers, Medical Grade PCs, Fanless Industrial PCs, Waterproof PCs, Embedded Box PCs, All-In-One Touch Screen Computers and Rugged All-In-One PC Tablets.

Teguar Computers work anywhere people work.  Not all work is done sitting at a desk.  We make computers that can be installed any place that you work.  Our medical grade pcs and industrial grade computers work reliably in almost any condition that presents challenges beyond the everyday office environment.

Teguar Computers are made to run 24/7, 365.  Most industrial and manufacturing operations run non-stop. We design solid computers exclusively using industrial components whereby we guarantee a top quality product which is made to work non-stop for years on end.

Teguar Computers are customizable.  We are nimble and we are quick to help. When you buy Teguar Computers, you also get a team who is committed to listen well and consult where needed.  Each computer comes with many options. If the options present are not what you want, we often can specialize a product.  We look at the big picture in light of our experience and bring the best total solution to any project size.

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