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Home Knowledge Center All-In-One PCs: Industrial vs Consumer

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All-In-One PCs: Industrial vs Consumer

Love your tech, care for your tech, and use it in a way that it was designed to be used. Consumer all-in-one PCs are made for desktop environments, where the demand is variable and the computer has time to rest. Industrial panel PCs are the military sector of touch screen all-In-one PCs. There is no off-duty time, and there is no place they cannot go.

1. Fanless Design

Industrial all-in-one computerOver time, particulates in the air can clog up consumer computers and drastically reduce their operational capacity. Most industrial panel PCs are designed to operate without the assistance of a cooling fan, and thus, prevent particulate build-up on internal components.

2. Ruggedized Body

Industrial computing solutions offer far higher vibration tolerances and drop resistance than consumer PCs. Industrial panel PCs sport hardy internal components, solders, and sturdy physical board designs along with optional solid state drives and super tough enclosures; so they’re ready for a rough ride.

3. Waterproof Enclosure

Industrial touch screen PCs have to undergo a liquid resistance test as part of the certification process to receive its intrusion prevention (IP) rating. This IP rating, generally from IP54 to IP69 will indicate if a touch screen can handle a spray on the unit face, or a full on firehose soak-down. Some higher-end industrial touch screen computers are even designed for continued operation during and after cleaning sessions with a 2,000 psi water jet!

4. Input/Output Connections

A typical consumer pc may come equipped with about 8-10 input/output connections, but it is very common for industrial touch screen PCs to have 16+ input/output connections. On some waterproof industrial PC models, the input/output connections are waterproof; increasing the versatility of the unit.

5. Placement Options

The standard Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) mount on the back of most industrial panel computers, combined with the before mentioned features, provide unlimited options for unit placement in industrial settings. Industrial panel PCs can function reliably outside in high wind conditions, within a hermetically sealed clean room, at the center of a moving robot, or even on the ceiling of a rocket ship in zero gravity. An industrial-grade computer can be placed nearly anywhere you can think of, while consumer all-in-ones are happy to stay on the desktop.

Industrial touch-screen panel PCs are a valuable and versatile tool for nearly any computing application. These units are built to withstand the rigors of constant operation in less-than ideal computing environments and provide you with consistent, reliable performance that you can count on!

Industrial Panel PC Solutions

At Teguar Computers, we understand the needs of industrial professionals and are dedicated to providing quality industrial touch-screen panel PC solutions that will meet your unique computing needs and keep your operations running smoothly. Choose an industrial application below to learn more about some of Teguar’s available panel PC solutions: