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At Teguar Computers, we are building a team of dedicated and talented individuals to help drive us forward. Our primary responsibility is to provide exceptional products, service, and support to our customers. Teguar team members are passionate about their work, driven to succeed, and exhibit our company's core values every day.

Value#1: Excellence

All team members are challenged every day to consistently provide our customers with industry-leading customer service, innovative new products, and collaborative project consultation. 


Value #2: Authenticity

Each team member genuinely cares for the success of our customers. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and providing honest and clear feedback to help them find the best solution to take their business to the next level. Teguar walks with customers throughout the entire project process, providing insight and assistance at every step; whether the project takes 2 days or 2 years.


Value #3: Globally Minded

Diversity is embraced at Teguar, as we welcome new and fresh perspectives our team members bring to the table. Our multi-national team is comprised of individuals who know that our world is getting smaller everyday and are proactively working to provide the best products and services to every customer, no matter their location. Crossing borders can be challenging, but it is something we enjoy doing every day.  


Value #4: Lovers of Technology

Teguar's leadership fully and proudly admits their passion for computers, and technology in general.  Every Teguar team member has an intrinsic desire to learn about the latest technological developments whether its automotive integrations, life-saving healthcare equipment, industrial automation, or the latest consumer appliances. Our love of technology keeps us informed of the latest technological developments and compels us to devise innovative new solutions for the markets we serve.  


Current Open Positions:

We appreciate your interest in Teguar and look forward to reviewing your qualifications!


If you're interested in working at Teguar Computers, but don't see any available positions that fit your skill-set; feel free to contact us with your qualifications.