Medical Cart Computers

Teguar provides medically certified computers made with mobility in mind. These medical computers are ideal for medical workstations on wheels (WOWs) or medical carts on wheels (COWs). Workstations on wheels enable medical professionals to record and access data in real time at the patient bedside or during a clinical visit with no power cords limiting your distance. This is growing increasingly important, as medical providers get to 100% adoption from paper records to electronic medical records (EMR). Mobile workstations help healthcare teams stay connected and allow medical professionals to spend more time with patients and less time with medical equipment.

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Medical Cart Computer Features




Medical Certification Standards

Teguar’s medical computers uphold the highest and latest IEC mandated medical certification standards, incorporating medical grade plastics & industrial-strength components for longevity. They have an antibacterial coating with full flush touch screens to minimize cracks and crevices where bacteria and debris can build up. IP65 rated front bezels are also present to withstand frequent cleaning, spills, and splashes. These medical PCs also have 4KV isolation to ensure that no dangerous electrical shock will be transferred to the user, patient, or any other connected device.

Designed for Mobile Medical Carts

Medical cart computers should be lightweight and slim so they can fit on mobile workstations, provide the necessary display interface, and still move around your healthcare facility with ease. These PCs have VESA mounts, commonly found on medical carts for a secure fit excluding sharp edges, and provide I/O covers to keep cables hidden and clean. Teguar’s mobile medical PCs are designed to move around your facility so a wide variety of popular battery options ranging from internal backup batteries to hot-swappable batteries for 24/7 cordless operation are readily available.

Inputs/Outputs for Connectivity

Teguar mobile workstation computers have a variety of inputs/outputs (I/Os), so that peripherals such as barcode scanners and printers can be connected to the PC. Newer released products now offer easily accessible side USB ports to maintain efficiency and PCIe expansion slots allow for further expansion and customization. The variety of I/Os on mobile cart computers make it easier for medical IT staff to consolidate all the latest healthcare technology in one location which allows for a smooth patient visit. The integration of medical devices allow clinicians to become more efficient and spend more time with the patient without searching for additional equipment or a hidden I/O port.

Smart-Fan or Fanless

Teguar provides mobile medical computers with smart-fans or fanless cooling systems. The lack of a fan makes the unit fully enclosed, protecting internal components from buildup of microbes, dust or other airborne particles. Fanless cooling systems are also silent and prevent the spread of dust and germs. For medical imaging applications where high performance CPU’s are required, a smart-fan can boost graphics capabilities while maintaining safe thermal conditions on the medical computer.