Android Panel PCs

Panel PCs are a great computing solution when your application requires the PC to be integrated into equipment. Our Android industrial panel computers are designed to withstand harsh conditions and to be placed into extreme environments. These units are made to last and will operate reliably 24/7.

Teguar’s Android panel PCs are built with rugged internal components to ensure the units will live a long life. They have fanless cooling systems to protect internal components from dust and other particles.

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Great for Customization

The open source approach of the Android operating system is a far more development-friendly platform for engineers than alternatives like Windows. This freedom of development enables a wider range of industries to take advantage of Android computers in their operations. The Android OS uses far fewer system resources than most competing operating systems, which in turn enables devices running Android to be built in smaller form factors with superior energy usage performance.

Designed for Integration

Our panel PCs have a special mounting frame that makes it easy for them to be installed into equipment, machinery, walls, manufacturing lines, workstations, and vehicles.

Variety of Applications

With their mounting abilities, these Android panel PCs are perfect for HMI replacement, OEM projects, machine control, and data acquisition. They are designed to run nonstop for years, without failing or sacrificing operational effectiveness.

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)

Android devices are playing a critical role in the Industrial Internet of Things. As this concept grows and changes, it is much easier for organizations to keep up when using Android instead of Windows because of the customization it allows. As more and more devices are being added and integrated into IIoT networks, the need for a panel PC to easily visualize and control the processes taking place becomes more prominent. Android Panel PCs take full advantage of benefits offered by the Android OS, allowing engineers to place them almost anywhere.

Android Panel PC Solutions

Our team can help you find the best solution to your application, or work with you to create something specific to your needs. Contact us to learn more about our Android panel PC products.