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Medical Computers

The Medical PC is designed for a variety of environments including medical care, medicinal and pharmaceutical environments. The versatile mounting options along with the high quality industry grade casing are designed to provide optimal hygiene and accessibility. The touch screen LCD is easy to view with colorful digital imagery and easy readability. The medical pc is completely sealed and is designed with a smooth exterior void of any edges or grooves which provides maximum hygiene and cleanliness. The unit is able to...

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Industrial Panel PCs

Industrial Panel PC that are specially designed for performing in extreme production environments while providing long life operations. Each high-efficiency industrial flat panel computer is designed to withstand extreme measures while still continuing to function at its highest capacity. These long life industrial Panel PC systems are designed to be used in the most extreme environments and are designed to endure despite subjection to shock, moisture, oil, vibration, dust and other environmental conditions. The...

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Waterproof Computers

The waterproof computer is resistant against all weather including water, moisture, cold, humidity, heat, bacteria, dirt, and dust. They are available with an IP65 (NEMA4), IP67 (NEMA6) and IP69K protection rating. The IP69 rated enclosures are withstanding water jet pressures of up to 1500psi. Furthermore, they can be washed down with boiling hot water without getting damaged. The industrial strength waterproof computer with touch screen is suitable for food and hygiene areas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medicine,...

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Fanless Computers

Teguar’s industrial Fanless Computers can be used for a large variety of applications. Just to mention some, they can be used as system controller in field bus environments, for process control systems, as industrial firewalls or other industrial fanless computer applications. The different fanless computers series are specifically designed for use within machines, factories, and other harsh industrial environments. The rugged box pc an also be utilized in mobile applications. Its wide operation temperature...

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Rugged Tablet PCs

TEGUAR rugged tablet PCs are designed and manufactured for prolonged use in rough and punishing environments. They come equipped with powerful processors (Intel Atom in the TA model, Intel Core Duo in the TD model) that allow for optimum performance in the most challenging end use applications. Both models withstand being dropped, exposure to temperatures below freezing, high heat and are protected against vibration, making them the ultimate work devices for industrial and agricultural applications. The TA and TD...

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