Washdown Computers

If your company needs computers that will work reliably in extreme environments, Teguar’s washdown computers are the answer. Designed for food and beverage processing facilities and their strict sanitation regulations, the NEMA 4x washdown PCs feature a stainless-steel housing and up to IP69K ingress protection rating. At a rating of IP69K, a computer has full ingress protection from an 80°C (176°F) water jet operating at 99.97 bar (1450 psi) with a flow rate of 15.67 liters (4.22 gallons) per minute. This waterproof series is perfect for applications where the equipment has to be washed down regularly with water and/or harsh cleaning agents.

The washdown computers are fully sealed to protect the internal components, and boast a fanless cooling system. They are able to withstand vibration, shock, water, moisture, and dust. The washdown PCs are made with industrial-grade parts and designed to be reliable 24/7, 365 days a year, in any number of harsh settings.