Sunlight Readable Computer

Sunlight readable computers are made for high ambient light and outdoor applications. While traditional displays are difficult or impossible to read in bright light situations, these computers are designed specifically for use in high light/sunlight environments. As the level of direct light grows, so does the contrast ratio, so that the screen is easily visible no matter how bright the conditions.

Teguar’s sunlight readable computers are waterproof and vibration resistant, so internal components are completely protected from the elements and able to run in any tough environment. They were designed with industrial-grade components that ensure they can operate in a much wider temperature range than traditional units, as well as being able to go from cold to hot environments without building up condensation. These PCs are ideal for use outside and have ingress protection ratings of IP65 or higher. Contact Teguar’s sales team for more information on sunlight readable computers and other outdoor computer options.

  1. Rugged Waterproof Computer | TR-2020-15

    15" Rugged Outdoor PC | TR-2020-15


    This all in one Outdoor Specific PC is made for great variety of applications. The high brightness of the TFT display (800nits) makes it into the perfect all weather computer. Wind, rain, temperature, humidity and dust are no problem for the TR-2020-15. This waterproof (IP67/NEMA 6) and sunlight readable computer can be operated in an impressive temperature range of -13°F up to 131° F. Another outdoor advantage is having the automatic brightness controlled readable LCD TFT display. The most unique design of this all weather computer is the 100% prevention of moisture condensation. This comprehensive feature allows the rugged computer to move from cold to warm environments without moisture getting inside the computer or on the LCD screen. The TR-2020-15 sunlight readable computer is built to work reliably in all types of military or industrial applications. The IP67 rated PC withstands shock and vibration levels according to MIL810F and is completely protected against water and dust infringement.

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