Outdoor Computers

Outdoor computers provide durability and easy readability in full sunlight. The displays are extremely bright to make operating the devices simple even in harsh weather conditions. The contrast ratio is greatly enhanced in high brightness, with the level of direct sunlight determining the level of the contrast ratio.

Teguar’s rugged outdoor computers were designed to increase reliability and readability under the impact of all elements, like snow, water, dust, heat, cold, and sun. These PCs are made with components that allow them to operate in a much wider range of temperatures than traditional units and can go from cold to hot environments without condensation build up. They are completely waterproof and vibration resistant and boast an ingress protection rating of IP65 or higher. Teguar’s outdoor computers are able to run safely no matter how tough the conditions.

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  • IP65 Waterproof PC | TWR-2920-10

    10” Waterproof Panel PC | TWR-2920-10

    • 10.4” 1024x768 (XGA) High Resolution LCD
    • Intel Celeron N2930 Quad Core CPU
    • P-CAP Multi-Touch Touchscreen
    • Full IP65 Waterproof Housing
    • M12 Waterproof Connectors
    • MIL-STD-810F/G Compliant for Vibration and Shock
  • IP65 Waterproof Computer | TWR-2920-15

    15" Rugged Panel PC | TWR-2920-15

    • 15” P-CAP Multi-Touch Touchscreen
    • Intel Celeron N2930 Quad Core Processor
    • MIL-STD-810F/G Compliant for Vibration and Shock
    • Full IP65 Waterproof Housing with M12 Waterproof Connectors
    • Ultra-Low Power Consumption
  • Waterproof Panel PC | TR-2920-15

    15" Waterproof Panel PC | TR-2920-15

    • 15" 5 Wire Resistive Touchscreen
    • Intel® Bay Trail N2930 1.83GHz CPU
    • IP67 Dust and Water Proof 
    • Ultra Low Power Consumption 
    • Aluminum Die-Casting Housing with Anti-Corrosion Treatments
    • Wide Range 9 to 36V DC Input with Isolation
  • Rugged Waterproof Computer | TR-2020-15

    15" Rugged Outdoor PC | TR-2020-15

    • High Quality 15" Panel, 1024 x768 Screen
    • High Performance Dual Core D2550 1.86GHz
    • Full IP67 Dust/Water Resistant Protection
    • Aluminum Housing  & Anti-Corrosion Treatments
    • Anti-Shock and Vibration According to MIL810F
    • 5 Wire Touch/ Anti-Reflection Protection Glass (Optional)
  • 15" Outdoor Panel PC | TR-0810-15

    15" Outdoor Panel PC | TR-0810-15

    • 15” P-Cap Touchscreen
    • Intel Bay Trail Atom Quad Core CPU
    • IP66 Rated Enclosure w/ IP67 Connectors
    • Onboard DDR3 with up to 8GB RAM
    • High-brightness Screen w/ AR Coating
    • Wide Temperature Range Tolerance