IP65/IP66 Computers

Teguar’s IP65/IP66/NEMA waterproof computers are the perfect rustproof all-in-one PC solution for food & beverage processing, meat/poultry processing, pharmaceutical processing, and clean room applications. Full flat touchscreen bezels prevent particles from collecting on the unit housing and growing bacteria. These rugged touchscreen computers are built with industrial-grade components and feature a fanless cooling system; making these units completely dustproof and waterproof.

Unlike consumer-grade computers that require a bulky waterproof enclosure for protection from environmental conditions, Teguar designs the housing of its computers to act as its own waterproof enclosure. The stainless steel housing of Teguar’s waterproof touchscreen PCs can withstand cleanings with harsh chemicals, which earns them a NEMA 4X ingress protection rating. Teguar’s waterproof computers are ideal if you need an industrial-grade computer that can reliably withstand harsh conditions 24/7 with ease.

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