IP69K Computers

The rugged IP69K computers at Teguar are completely sealed, which means they are fully dust and waterproof. There are no gaps or joints between the touchscreens and the stainless-steel housings. As a result, these computers are ideal for applications where equipment needs to be regularly washed down and sanitized.

The IP69K ingress protection rating indicates that the computers can be sprayed with high pressure and high temperature water jets and will still remain operable and reliable. The PCs are able to sustain water temperatures up to 80°C (176°F) and a water jet operating at 99.97 bar (1450 psi). Whether you’re dealing with dust, water, or harsh cleaning chemicals, the IP69K computers can survive it all. The touchscreens are made of stronger glass than that of consumer grade products, and can be used even while wearing gloves. The bright TFT LCD screen is easily readable even in wet or dirty conditions.

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