C1D2-Certified Explosion-Proof Computers

If you are working in an industry like mining, fracking, paint and coatings, or oil drilling, your computer must be able to survive in tough conditions. Teguar’s Class 1, Division 2 explosion proof computers were designed to operate safely and reliably in rough and dangerous environments. These computers are rated IP65/NEMA 4 or higher, making them waterproof, dustproof and particle proof.

Explosion proof computers are made so that they don’t produce a spark that could cause an explosion in certain conditions. Therefore, they are safe to use in hazardous environments where combustible dust and flammable gas or vapors are present.

The units are made with industrial grade durable components and can run in a wide range of temperatures from below freezing to above boiling. When you need industrial computing in hazardous areas, Teguar’s explosion proof computers can be counted on to get the job done.

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  1. 11.6" Rugged Tablet | TRT-3012-11

    11.6" Rugged Tablet | TRT-3012-11


    The TRT-3012-11 combines the most popular features desired for a rugged tablet into one and comes with a powerful Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU. This industrial tablet PC may easily become the most frequently requested tablet for every area of your organization. It even comes with a Class 1 Division 2 certification to operate in hazardous locations. The Teguar TRT-3012-11 is lightweight at 2.73 lbs. but it is still tough with Military Standard 810G shock and drop resistance ratings.  This rugged tablet is meant to be used indoors or outdoors as it has a wide operating temperature range, IP65 rated waterproof enclosure, and ambient light sensor with optional sunlight readable screen.  Also, the multi-touch tablet has an advanced capacitive touchscreen which is sensitive enough to be used with a latex glove in a wet environment.  Information security features include TPM 2.0, administrator password, a computrace support BIOS and a Kensington lock as well as a boot password.  This provides assurance that sensitive data can be run at any location. The TRT-3012-11 is a Windows based platform with up to 8GB RAM and 128GB available SSD storage.  Other features include a micro SD card slot, wireless communications, cameras, a built in G-sensor, and gyroscope.

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  2. 15" Explosion Proof C1D2 Panel PC | TSX-1620-15

    15" Explosion Proof C1D2 Panel PC | TSX-1620-15


    If you need a computing solution equivalent to military special forces, the TSX 1620-15 Panel PC should be a serious consideration.   Built for extreme environments such as mining, refineries, and chemical processing plants the TSX-1620-15 is  ATEX Zone 2 certified for Hazardous area applications and suitable for use in Class I, Division 2, Hazardous area (C1D2). It is prepared for hazards such as earthquakes and fireball explosions with chemicals of all kinds and small particles filling the air.  The complete stainless steel enclosure with Full IP65 NEMA 4 rating protects the above average Intel processor inside. This unit is tough, but it cleans up well with its true flat design that can be easily disinfected with harsh solutions as it will not tarnish or easily corrode.  Looking back at you is a bright, TFT high definition LCD 1024 x 768 resolution screen with 400 nits.  To go lean for ultra-low power consumption of 1.66 GHz choose an embedded Intel Atom N2600 Processor. 

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