Touch Panel w/PCI Slots (10"-15")

The touch panel PC with PCI slots provides industry proven environmentally stable computerization in the harshest of environments and is designed to withstand dust, water, heat, cold and other extreme conditions. The PCI slots are easily accessible to provide an uncomplicated connection to a number of custom peripherals. The compact, enclosed, industrial touch PC with PCI slots provide optimal computerization for a variety of industrial purposes for use in: manufacturing plants, OEM machine building, machinery controls, assembling lines, process control, industrial server-based computing, and harsh industrial environments. This Touch Panel PC is ideal for use in control cabinets and other panel-mount applications. The touch panel PC with PCI slots is easily tailored to specific applications in MES, machine and operating data acquisition, process visualization, attendance and time records. The use of devices such as:  printer, keyboard, identification systems, and Ethernet are easily accessible through the use of the expandable standard slots in the touch panel PC with PCI slots.

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