Teguar Updates the T-17 Medical Computer Family with a Mini PCI-E


Perfect Choice for Hospitals Requiring Wireless Networking and Multipurpose PCs

Medical computer provider Teguar has updated its TMP-171/TMP-172 products to the T-171D and T-172D standard. An added Mini PCI-E slot gives users the flexibility to upgrade their existing equipment to meet a greater range of requirements. The Mini PCI Express slot on the two new models supports 11a/b/g/n wireless network cards or other Mini PCI-E applications such as TV cards. The Mini PCI-E used to connect a wireless network card enables the medical computer to use wireless networking. When mounted on a nurse cart, it not only accelerates the implementation of electronic patient records throughout the hospital but also enhances overall administrative efficiency. If placed next to a hospital bed, it provides the patient with Internet access and can replace conventional televisions if upgraded with a Mini PCI-E TV card.

For more information about our upgraded medical computers please click here for the T-171D.

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