Energy Industry Computer

The energy management computer provides wind and solar power generation systems that are designed to endure harsh environments including dust, heat, vibration, and electrical noise. Harsh environmental sites require reliable data servers. Teguar provides reliable and quality energy management PC units that provide long life and optimum performance in the harshest of environments, due to their unique design. The energy analyst computer is fanless and cableless. It provides Ethernet ports for easy connection with the central room management system. Selected software packages provide animated graphic displays, trends, real-time data control, alarms, and logs. Teguar offers the energy management pc for renewable energy solutions including: advanced web access browser software for human/machine interfacing (HMI) and data acquisition and supervisory control (SCADA applications).

A consistent trend providing renewable energy sources such as solar power is being utilized in industrial corporations and government funded projects in India and China. Renewable energy refers to using energy that is naturally generated from resources including wind, rain, tides, sunlight, and geothermal heat. The energy analysis pc is a high functioning, weather resistant unit that provides a long life and smooth daily operations despite extreme weather conditions. Each unit is designed to withstand intense heat and cold. The external casing offers a complete enclosure protecting the internal components at all times. The casing is able to withstand shock and impact without shattering, cracking, faltering, hesitating, or losing data. The internal components are designed for flexibility and provide smooth productivity at all times. Teguar provides reliable automation solutions through the energy management computer.

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