Radiograph Room (X-Ray)


Teguar’s All-In-One medical computer and medical box pc make the perfect platforms for displaying and managing X-ray photographs.

With our computers employing the newest Ivy Bridge and Haswell CPUs with improved graphics processing, everything from X-rays to real time surgery images are displayed crisply and cleanly on HD LED screens.

If the desire is to use a dedicated graphics card, a PCI-E slot is available to install a frame grabber card or faster GPU to capture images and display them on 17” 5:4 screens up to a 24” 16:9 widescreen.

If a touchscreen is not needed, Teguar’s medical box pc meets the need with the same CPU and GPU performance the medical AIO computers provide. With the option of PCI-E or PCI slot, the Teguar medical box pc fits neatly into small spaces on a table or on a medical cart. The Teguar medical box pc provides multiple video outs to meet a variety of medical display needs.

Whatever your medical image needs, Teguar’s medical AIO and box pcs meet and exceed expectations.


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