Pharmaceutical Computer

The pharmaceutical computer provides industrial quality and performance. This specialized computer for the pharmaceutical industry is not only a benefit due to profitability and success, but it can also be a matter of life-and-death. The quality control for recipes, specifications, raw materials, workflow, and finished product, are paramount due to exacting standards. Stringent regulations and compliance standards put a strict and enforced demand on medicinal and pharmacy production. Teguar provides a high-efficiency pharmaceutical computer that is designed for maximized productivity and extreme consistency and reliability. Different departments may be working on different specifications, variations, and approaches within the same facility; the Teguar pc software is designed to meet the unique needs of each department without allowing delays, mistakes, or hindrances. Easy production is provided through tight computerized management of stock control, accounts, production control, warehouse and dispatch. It provides clear visibility across the company and is a fully integrated manufacturing solution. This central database provides integration and is being used by larger healthcare firms providing tablet and capsule vitamin and food supplements as well as prescriptions and non-prescription medication.

The pharmaceutical computer is 100% hygienic. The external casing is stainless steel and groove and hinge free. This allows easy cleansing with the harshest industry grade cleansers as well as with boiling water. The touch screen panel is easily accessed while wearing heavy protective gloves. Quick acquisition to stock control, accounts, product control, warehouse, and dispatch, is provided easily through the integrated system. The thin design allows for easy integration into pre-existing IT system. The Teguar pc is a high-capacity pharmaceutical computer that is designed to adapt to your specific industry needs.

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