Oil & Gas Industry Computer


Oil and gas industry work is rough, dirty, and dangerous. Teguar understands that in this industry, the standard industrial equipment will usually not do.  Remote and harsh working conditions where flammable gasses, vapors and liquids are every day challenges have unique equipment needs.  Teguars Hazardous Area Computer is designed for optimum performance despite its location so the oil and gas industries hostile conditions are not deadly for our Class 1 Division 2 Computer.  Normal computing obstacles such as water, shock, vibration, moisture, dust, impact, and explosions do not inhibit our hazardous area computer.  The offshore installations must consider products that are built to be operated 24/7 while having a long life span as replacement is not fast or easy.  Each Hazardous Area Computer is subjected to high performance testing to ensure its capability and each unit shows its value in continuous tough daily performance. The exterior stainless steel casting comes with a shatterproof and crack proof touch panel choice of Resistive or Projected Capacitive Touch Screen.  Excellent processing power is available through a choice of Intel Core i7 or Intel Atom Dual Core N2600 as well as good network communication with LAN, COM, and two USB ports.  Metal springs are utilized to allow for movement of the motherboard and electronic components, providing ongoing production without hesitation, loss of data, or faltering.  The fanless computer provides quiet operation and a thin design, allowing for easy transition into already existing IT systems. The external casing is safely washable with harsh industry grade cleansers and boiling water for optimized hygienic properties.  This unique technology is provided by Teguar to the oil and gas industry which provides you with solutions that meet unprecedented challenges for this intense global demanding industry.  For smart, safe, and sustainable solutions utilize the Hazardous Area Computer expertise provided by the Teguar oil and gas industry computer.

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