Mining & Tunneling Computer

Teguar’s mining industry rugged computer is establishing new standards as far as industry capability is concerned. Each unit is specifically designed for long-term operation in extreme production environments. The mining industrial pc is tested and retested through subjection to vibration, moisture, shock, water, dust, and oil, to ensure maximum productivity in the toughest environmental conditions. The tough units daily display their worth through continuous use in extreme environments. The rugged mining industry computer complies with IP67 standards. It is completely encased and is designed without a fan. The thin design allows for easy import into pre-existing IT systems through the use of brackets and it is compatible with all current hard and software systems for easy integration. The high-tech performance provided by the mining industry pc is due to the flexible design of internal components. The external casing is rugged and impact-proof, able to endure water and shock, while the interior components are flexible to allow movement and consistent performance.

The mining industry rugged computer motherboard is designed exclusively to provide continuous production without faltering, hesitating, or losing data. The powerful, long-lasting rugged mining industry computer is built with industrial grade components and proprietary all-in-one motherboards. The mining industry pc has the advantage of an uncompromising industrial design. Long-lasting results are provided. High protection is available through the vibration and shock resistant spring fixation board and electronic components. The abandonment of wiring harnesses is also utilized wherever possible within each unit. The touch panel mining industry pc is crack and shatter proof and can be retrofitted and updated at any time.

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