Military Computer


Teguar provides military computers for demanding naval, airborne, field portable, and tactical wheeled vehicle platforms used by the USA military. Each unit meets military safety standards and environmental rating requirements and supports forces on the ground, at the sea, and in the air. Solutions available through military pc include: mission-critical, all-in-one pc, tablet computing, mobile PC, and more. Teguar offers MIL-STD-810F tested military computers. Each MIL tested military pc meets specific armed forces and government standards. Complete Milspec MIL-SDT-810F for hardware is provided.

Each of the military computers provided by Teguar are tested and retested to ensure shock resistance and impact tolerance. The internal components of each unit are designed for flexibility and movement and can withstand impact, bouncing, vibration and shaking without losing data, hesitating, or breaking down. The impact test is displayed on the website showing the computer’s ability to withstand impact while maintaining production. Quality and dependability are provided along with every unit. Only the best materials are utilized internally and externally. The military computers provided by Teguar provide secure Armed Forces missions and productivity.

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