Navy Computer


Teguar Navy computers are specifically designed to meet the unique demands of Navy vehicle platforms. Each Navy PC meets all required environmental ratings, providing tactical technology that supports military forces. Teguar offers a full range of tough, Navy rugged computers meeting the unique specifications required for multiple industries including military and defense companies. Each unit is designed to provide for a diverse number of industrial and commercial applications using technologically advanced heat sinks for cooling in order to provide an exceptional product that can be easily integrated into already existing IT systems and that is the perfect fit for mobile operations. The Navy computers are MIL tested and meet military and government standards. Complete Milspec MIL-SDT-810F for hardware is provided.

Navy PC products include: RAM mount army rugged computers, rugged tablet PCs, handheld PCs, and more. Each product is tested and retested, to ensure powerful production at all times. Only the best materials are utilized for these Navy computers, they are designed internally and externally to perform with consistency and excellence. Each Navy pc is designed to provide dependability in extreme environments including the searing heat in the Sahara desert, and the freezing cold in the polar ice caps. Teguar Navy computers provide computing excellence in the most extreme and challenging conditions, eliminating concern for hardware failure or data loss. The watertight Navy pc survives liquids, dust, chemicals, and dirt intrusion, and is designed for noise free operations. For unsurpassed performance and total reliability, turn to Teguar.

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