Logistics & Transportation Computer

In an environment that benefits tremendously from accurate real time data, logistics providers need to be able to rely on their computer hardware come rain or shine. Teguar’s mobile computers support your logistics processes by providing a reliable interface between your employees and your logistics IT infrastructure. Our rugged computers are designed to operate error-free even in the most unforgiving environments such as container harbors or cold storage units, indoor or outdoor. These sunlight readable PCs handle precipitation, cold, heat, shock and vibrations.  On forklifts or cranes, managing pallets or containers, in freezer storage or bright sunlight, in warehouse or shipyard, Teguar provides real-time, intra-logistic solutions to inventory management. We have solutions for most budgets and are looking forward help you build a cost-effective infrastructure for an optimal operations.


In the fast paced field of transportation services communication is vital. Whether it is for public safety, police car, fire truck, marine vessel, mining vehicles, or military transporter, all of these vehicle mount PCs have mutual requirements: sunlight readable touch, wide operating temperatures, wide voltage, anti-shock and vibration, and wireless.  Check out Teguar’s rugged vehicle mount computer  or the rugged tablet PC with Integrated 802.11b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS and PCMCIA slot for GPRS.

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