IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)

The importance of having all of the necessary components to stay competitive in your industry cannot be underestimated. The next digital revolution is here. In manufacturing industries this revolution is referred to as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0 in Europe.  As sensors increase and computing processing abilities expand we are confronted with unending, unrelenting big data waves hitting us from every direction. The biggest change the IIOT brings is not the amount of data or the connectivity of data.  It is the responsiveness of data.  Having the ability to actively respond to conditions as they happen is a game changer.  The four elements needed for the IIoT are: data collection devices, Industrial Computer Platforms, software, and field data experts. 

Teguar provides advanced industrial computers made to fit expertly with your IIoT network so that you can be a top performer in your industry. Teguar has extensive experience designing specialized products for projects including ODM, OEM, and specific computer hardware solutions for challenging environments. This experience is a value added to your IIoT as it will ultimately extend the shelf life of your industrial computers and give you a better ROI on your technology investment.  

At the foundation of the IIoT digital revolution are intelligent people working in tandem with quality computers. Choosing the right people is just as important as choosing your computer hardware.  Teguar has booth qualified people and quality industrial computers.  We bring you long lasting industrial computers with cutting edge technology along with thoughtful account managers who value helping keeping customers at the top of their game.  

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