Food Processing Computer

Teguar’s food processing automation computer is a fully sealed, waterproof, industrial touch screen PC that specializes in performing production and sales without limitations, concerns, or loss of data. The pc is designed for high-speed performance in this intense environment. Each of the powerful units is professionally designed to handle intense hot and cold, water, and more, without hesitation, delay, contamination, loss of time or data. These powerful and proficient food manufacturing computers are completely sealed and are safely washable with boiling water, disinfectants, and industry-standard detergents; guaranteeing a safe, contaminant and germ free environment. The stainless steel exterior is groove and hinge free for a 100% hygienic, easy to clean surface. The industrial touch screen is shatter and crack proof and all data is easily entered and accessed while wearing industry-standard gloves. Each component of the food factory automation systems is guaranteed for quick and safe, hygienic production and sales.

The rugged, stainless steel enclosure on the food manufacturing computers is a perfect solution for working in the intense food processing environment. Each unit is factory tested and retested to ensure maximum performance at all times. The exterior enclosure has a IP69K rating that puts it ahead of competition, allowing for easy cleanup during the sanitation process; no need for covering up these PC units as they are waterproof up to 1500 psi. Teguar offers other food processing automation computer selections that meet the IP65 (splash-waterproof) or IP67 (submersion up to 1m possible) rating. For quality and excellence you can rely on the professional food factory automation systems provided by Teguar.

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