Epic Compliant Medical Computers

Teguar carries medical computers that meet or exceed the requirements to run various Epic software suites such as OpTime and Anesthesia. The operating room has perhaps the most stringent requirements. Some of the features needed are:

  • 60601-1 -4th Edition certification for protection from electronic interference
  • 24” Displays with projected capacitive and resistive touchscreens
  • Anti-microbial housings to prevent growth of bacteria
  • IP65 certified front bezels to protect against fluids and provide durable wipe down screens
  • Fully enclosed fanless computers so dust and organic matter do not collect inside computer
  •  5KV Isolated I/O ports for patient and sensitive equipment protection
  • Up to 32 GB RAM for maximum performance & fast information access
  • TPM 2.0 modules and vPro™ Technology supported for information access security
  • Removable storage bays to safely retrieve information while computer is being serviced
  • Long-life hot-swappable batteries
  • High Definition DICOM compliant screens*

Thinking about robust and well-designed medical computer hardware is just as important as choosing robust and well-designed medical software. Long-term support is also a consideration when choosing a massive system to implement or upgrade. Teguar Corporation is an ISO9001:2015 certified company which carries hardware utilizing Intel® industrial embedded roadmaps guaranteeing support many years longer than consumer-grade pcs. When you obtain the hardware requirements for your chosen software, a Teguar account representative will work closely with you to ensure the medical computers you purchase are compliant with the listed specifications.

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*Teguar Computers does not provide the actual DICOM certification. This is an on-site process done by independent organizations.

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