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Digital signage is the perfect tool for communicating in every organization.

Digital signage in corporate environments can be utilized to broadcast performance reports, project information, safety information, key performance indicators and quality control related information.

Regardless of whether you are running a manufacturing facility or a retail bank outlet, digital signage can convey the desired information at the right time and in the right place to both customers and associates. Digital signage can also improve your training and education efforts, stimulate employee motivation and reinforce your corporate culture.

Digital signage at the point of purchase has been shown to successfully drive sales by presenting relevant information to customers when they are most ready to commit to buying. Furthermore today’s consumers look at shopping as more than walking into a retail outlet, purchasing products and then walking out of the store again. They demand a good experience that includes entertainment while waiting in line and throughout their entire shopping experience.  Digital signage allows you to deliver just that experience to your customer.

Examples for the use of digital signage in enterprise environments:

  • Share organizational success via photos, videos and performance charts.
  • Display biographical information of executives or stand out associates.
  • Notify employees of corporate pledges such as environmental goals or community service initiatives.
  • Publicize awards received and upcoming company events.
  • Display your organizations Twitter or RSS feed.
  • Broadcast your Organizational Vision and Mission.
  • Share case studies and customer testimonials.
  • Company directories.
  • Break room signage.
  • Lobby signage.
  • Display safety messages to your employees.
  • Virtual concierge applications.
  • Internal training applications.

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